How to Open the Hood of a Car Correctly

How to Open the Hood of a Car Correctly

How to Open the Hood of a Car Correctly – Want to check the condition of your vehicle’s engine? First, you need to know how to properly open the car trunk. The car hood is an important part of the vehicle because it protects the engine parts inside.

Most types of cars are equipped with a hood located at the front of the vehicle. The engine hood can be opened and closed to inspect the car engine parts inside. Due to its function as engine protection, this car hood must be kept in good condition in order to function properly.

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A look at car engine hoods

A car’s engine cover is a very important part of a vehicle’s engine. The engine hood consists of two layers, the upper layer is made of aluminum sheet and the inner layer is made of glass fiber.

The aluminum layer acts as a damper to accelerate the heat dissipation from under the hood. Meanwhile, the glass fiber layer acts to absorb excess engine heat. In this important task, vehicle owners should know how to properly open the car hood from the outside so as not to damage it easily.

In addition to acting as a protective shield for the front engine, the engine hood also acts as a heat sink. The heat generated from engine rotation should be reduced to avoid overheating. In addition, the hood of the engine also works to prevent dust and dirt from disturbing the engine components.

Some other functions of a car hood include:

1. Stabilize the temperature

One of the main functions of a car hood is to stabilize the temperature of the engine so that it remains normal. The engine cover keeps the temperature when the engine is cold, and keeps it moist when the engine is overheated.

2. Protects the paint on the engine cover

In addition to stabilizing the engine temperature, the hood also prevents damage to the car’s paint on the hood. Exposure to hot sun and the heat inside a vehicle’s engine increases the risk of damage to a car’s paint. Therefore, a good protection is needed to prevent paint damage to the panel.

3. Turns off the noise of the engine

Vehicle owners should know how to open the hood of a stuck car because this part also works to reduce engine noise. When the engine is started, the car makes a noise that can disturb some people. With the hood, the sound of the engine can be muffled and heard among other car parts.

4. Prevention of radiation

Another function of the car hood is to prevent the radiation from damaging other parts. The hot temperature caused by driving the engine can cause scratches on the paint of the vehicle. A damped hood can reduce the effect of radiation under the hood of the car.

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How to open the hood of a car

In general, the method to open the hood of a Cigar car and other types is the same. The difference is that it usually drags only where it moves. But, generally, the traction lever is located at the bottom of the dashboard, right next to the driver’s feet.

Some cars place the hood pull lever near the door at the bottom of the steering wheel, while others are under the driver’s seat. In some older European cars, the tow lever is located under the dashboard on the front passenger side.

The lever that pulls the hood of the car also has different shapes. There are round lifts and also square lifts. You can check the bottom of the dashboard around the legs or under the seat to be sure.

If you want to open it, here’s how to open the hood of Ayla’s car or other cars that can follow.

1. Pull the towing lever in the car

If you want to open the car hood, the first step is to pull the pull lever inside the car. Each type of car usually has a different location for the hood scoop, but it’s generally located under the dashboard or under the driver’s seat.

Car manufacturers usually provide a picture of the engine hood on the lever for easy access. You just need to pull the lever until you hear a sound from the hood. If you hear a noise, get out of the vehicle and open the hood with your hands.

2. Open the hood when the engine is cold

An important thing to pay attention to when opening the hood of the car is to do it when the engine is cold. The goal is not to hurt your hands when opening the hood.

You should know, a hot engine hood can cause burns if it comes into contact with the skin. If you have to open the hood while the engine is hot, you should use a cloth or an old cloth to protect your hands from the hot engine hood.

3. Pull the engine cover

If the towing lever is open, the next step is to pull the hood over the hood. The cover is usually flat and if you want to open it, you just need to push it.

The way to do this is to put your hand in the raised panel, then find the hook and press it to the side. If the car hood is hot, don’t forget to use gloves. The weight of the hood is also very heavy if it is not secured, so you need to be careful when opening it

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4. Install the engine cover support post

How to open the car hood The next step is to install the support pillar. However, if the car is equipped with a support block, then you do not need to install a support pillar.

If the engine is still hot, use a rag or rag to hold the engine hood support post. The next step is to attach the end of the support pole in the hole under the engine hood.

After opening the car hood, don’t forget to close it again. The trick is to remove the support pole and return it to its original position. Next, press the top of the cover to lock it. If it doesn’t work, you can help a little to lock the engine cover tightly.

Some recent car models may have more sophisticated features, including suspension on the hood. Such features will definitely make things easier for vehicle owners.

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