Recommendations for the best car dash cams that suit your budget

Recommendations for the best car dash cams that suit your budget

Recommendations for the best car dash cams that suit your budget

ebanmella – Please note that a good dash cam is not only a vehicle enhancement but also an added feature for driving safety. There are many recommendations for car dash cameras that are ideal for recording all your travel activities.

You never know what kind of bad luck will happen to you while driving. However, you can assume this by many factors. One way is to use a car dash cam. Below are several recommendations for car dash cameras according to ebanmella that you can choose for your car.

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What is a car dash cam?

Dash cam is an abbreviation of dashboard camera or dashboard camera. By definition, a dash cam is an on-board camera that continuously records events/scenes from the vehicle’s front screen and sometimes from the rear screen or other windows. Some dash cams include a camera to record the interior of the car. Then why is it necessary to install a dash cam on a car? There are several functions, namely;

  • Footage from dash cameras can be evidence in determining who is right and wrong in an incident and can be used as evidence in the police.
  • Records make it easier for insurance companies to determine whether you are entitled to coverage for an incident.
  • Rental cars or online taxis may also be equipped with a dash cam with 2 cameras, one inside the car. This is very useful to control the situation in the car. Finally, if a crime occurs in the car, the dashcam recording can be used as evidence.
  • Dashcam can be installed on the back of the car. When a car hits you from behind, you can see if the poet is concentrating on driving or is distracted by playing on his cell phone.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing which dashboard camera to install in your car, try to pay attention to the following tips.

1. Adjust according to needs

When choosing a dashboard camera, first try to see if the camera is suitable for your car model. Because, not all cameras are suitable for use in every type of car. Make sure you choose a camera with a simple and easy installation system to avoid confusion.

2. Consider features and quality

The better the quality of the selected camera, the better. One thing to pay attention to is the solution. A good dash cam is low resolution HD or 720 pixels at 30fps.

It would be better if the camera was equipped with other additional features like a microphone and microSD slot. Be sure not to be fooled by the marketing gimmicks, but the quality is unmatched.

4. Choose one with high strength

Choose a dash cam that can withstand high temperatures. Because during the day, the sun’s rays can often enter the car and cause the car dashboard to heat up.

5. Night mode

Choose a camera equipped with night mode, so even recording at night produces clear images. Also, make sure you have a spare battery and enough storage memory, so it won’t charge easily.

Advantages of car dash camera

The main benefit of a dash cam is similar to CCTV as an added safety feature while driving. The recording results will be stored on the memory card, but how many copies will depend on the memory capacity.

The dash cam gets power directly from the car, via an adapter that plugs into a 12V socket. So the dash cam can be set to turn on and record automatically when the car’s engine is turned on.

This accessory has many types. For example, a device with only one front-facing camera or two cameras to monitor the front and cabin at the same time.

However, the most popular place to place the dash cam is near the windshield and the center mirror. The camera usually faces the hood to record events in front of the driver.

On a dash cam with two cameras, the other camera is used to record cabin movement. This device is usually used by a private driver to monitor driving activities, such as when taking children to school.

When installing the dash camera, it is recommended to face the front and place it in the middle of the windshield, so you can take a wider picture. This position is important because, in general, dash cams can take up to 150 degrees of image angle.

Record the trip

This is the basic feature of a dash cam, the reason why four-wheeler owners use this device is to record the situation in front of the vehicle while traveling. That way, if something happens along the way, the footage can be used.

For example, if an event occurs, the recording will be useful to prevent disputes. Vehicle owners can use dash cam recordings to file insurance claims. The result of the recording can also be useful to help other people, for example in an incident with another road user in front of the vehicle.

Dash cam footage is also useful as evidence if you have to talk to authorities on the road. Meanwhile, for some people, dash cam recordings can be content.

Consider the theft of vehicle parts

Unexpected events can happen not only on the road, but also when the vehicle stops. Incidents such as theft of vehicle components such as mirrors often occur when their owners leave them behind. In fact, quite a few vehicles had their windows smashed to get the items inside.

Using a dash cam, this type of event can be recorded. Footage from a dash cam can become incriminating evidence to help authorities catch a criminal. However, to be good, it is recommended that the selected dash cam function supports the two-way recording feature.

So, in addition to recording the front of the vehicle, it also records the condition of the rear of the vehicle and even the condition of the cabin. So that criminal acts are recorded. Vehicle owners would do well to consider a dash cam with 360 features that can record in all directions.

Determine the position of the vehicle

Dash cam features are increasing in demand. Not just for recording, dash cam devices are now equipped with other security features. The addition of GPS is something that many dash cams are starting to offer.

The GPS feature on the dash cam can replace the role of GPS tracking. This way, vehicle owners don’t need to purchase a separate device. The advantage of having a GPS feature is that the vehicle owner can track the location of the vehicle.

For example, car owners can quickly find their car when they are in a large parking lot. The GPS feature is used to track a vehicle’s movement, for example when it is being borrowed. Just check it on your smartphone screen.

If something bad happens like a vehicle theft, the GPS feature will definitely be very useful because the owner can cooperate with the authorities to track down the criminal. But as a reminder, always make sure that the battery on the dash cam is sufficient so that recording is not interrupted. In addition, pay attention to the storage capacity to avoid a failed copy.

It is recommended to choose a dash cam that has a motion sensor feature that records only when it detects movement. This feature saves storage capacity. Meanwhile, for dash cameras with GPS features, of course you need to pay attention to the network connection so that the position of the vehicle is always monitored.

Regarding parking, you can refer to Qoala articles like the correct way to park a car.

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How to install a car dash cam

Installing and installing a dash camera is not difficult and can be done yourself. Here are the steps:

  • You can use a dash cam that can record video in Full HD 1080P resolution, 60 FPS with a shooting angle of around 120-150 degrees. The larger the lens angle, the more powerful the camera can be to capture objects around the car.
  • You just need to follow the directions in the guide and do the settings to get the best results.
  • Do a pilot or simulation test to determine if it works well and record it when necessary.
  • Make sure the dash cam doesn’t fall easily, obstruct visibility, or make the dashboard look messy due to tangled cables.
  • Clean the power cord and plug the lamp into a power source.
  • Finally, to prevent electrical short circuits, try not to use a dash cam that crosses the car’s electrical lines.

Tips for the best car dash cam

Installing a dash cam cannot be done carelessly. Make sure you look for a dash cam brand that is of good quality and suits your needs. Below are some recommendations for the best dash cam brands.

  • Xiaomi 70mai Cam 1S

Xiaomi is a brand from China that is well known in Indonesia. In addition to the quality of the product, it can be said that the price is affordable. Xiaomi car dashboard camera products are no different.

Best suited for installation in cars, Xiaomi 70MAI 130 Degree 1080. This dash cam has many great features.

For example G-Sensor, Loop Recording and WiFi. There is also an IMX323 only image sensor that produces high-quality images at a quality resolution. According to the price, this product can be found at a price ranging from 500 thousand to 1 million birr.

  • Blackview DR490-2CH

Blackvue is one of the best and most popular dash cam brands. This is guaranteed by quality and advanced technology. how come? This dash cam is backed with advanced features. First, the 4K camera quality can capture clear images.

Second, it is easy to do. And there are 3 optional modes that can be activated according to needs, namely normal, parking and event. The price of this best car dash cam is around IDR 2.89 million.

  • DOD LS430W car DVR

The next good car dash cam recommendation is the DOD LS430W car DVR. This product provides a mini-sized car camera for the dashboard. With a 2.7 inch screen, you can move its position easily. Apart from that, this dash cam is equipped with a 1/3 CMOS sensor.

Interestingly, this product also has a vehicle position recording feature. So it can help you monitor your car, if something unexpected happens. This camera is also equipped with a 500mAh 3.7V Lithium-ion battery. As for the price itself, it can be obtained for IDR 3.3 million.

  • DDPAI Mini Dash Cam 1080P Productnation

The next recommendation for the best cheap car dash cam comes from DDPAI Mini Dash Cam 1080P. This camera supports 1080p recording resolution on its 2 MP camera. Apart from that, there is also image processing made by Huawei which is claimed to be able to display HD image quality in every condition.

DDPAI Mini Dash Cam 1080P is also equipped with a vibration sensor to increase driving safety. You can connect it via an application on your smartphone. If you want, you can also share the footage on your social media accounts. The price of this product is quite affordable, starting from just IDR 400 thousand.

  • SJCAM SJ Dash Car Dashcam 1080P productnation

As the name suggests, SJCAM SJ Dash Car Dashcam 1080P is capable of recording video with clear and smooth 1080p resolution in any conditions. The advantage of this camera is in its power sector, which does not use batteries to operate, but supercapacitors.

This allows the camera to work optimally even in cold or hot temperatures. With a design similar to a digital camera, using this dash cam is very easy because it has a 3 inch LCD screen panel equipped with three physical buttons.

Interestingly, the SJCAM SJ Dash Car Dashcam 1080P can work automatically while driving. The price of this best dash cam brand is IDR 900 thousand.

  • Azdome GS63H productnation

Azdome GS63H is a dash cam that includes all-in-one GPS in one device. Operating the Azdome GS63H is also very easy thanks to the presence of an interactive TFT screen. There is no need to doubt the camera specifications. This camera is capable of recording 2160p 24fps resolution video with an F1.8 lens aperture.

There is also a feature called Parking Monitor which users can activate to detect shocks in the car automatically. The Motion Detector feature also has a high level of accuracy which makes this tool able to save recordings automatically if there is a moving object in the image. The price of this product is around IDR 1.5 million to IDR 1.7 million.

  • Philips CVR108

The next recommendation for a good car dash cam is the Philips CVR108. This dash camera has a lens with an angle of 130 degrees. Its recording capabilities are also classified as very high because it is capable of recording Full HD 1080p. Another quite interesting feature is G-Sensor Lock to make recordings safe. To get this dash cam from Philips, you need to spend around IDR 1.4 million.

  • Blackbox G1W

For those of you who want to have a good dash cam but only have a budget of less than IDR 1 million, the Blackbox G1W could be an option to buy. With a 2.7 TFT screen span, it makes it very easy to use. In fact, the recording results are full HD 1080p and are equipped with motion detection, TV-Out and microphone features. The price is very affordable. You can get this product for only IDR 600 thousand.

  • Hella DR 530

Hella DR 530 is another option if you are looking for the best car dash camera. The Hela DR 530 camera is accompanied by many superior features that attract attention. What do you think?

One of them is the smart gesture sensing feature which allows you to start recording just by waving your hand at the camera lens. The maximum recording resolution is also Full HD 1080p, you know. For the Hella DR 530 brand, you can buy it for around IDR 1.75 million.

  • ACS1 Car Dash Cam

The next recommendation comes from ACS1 Car Dash Cam. The main advantage is the camera angle view which reaches 170 degrees. Apart from that, there are also Full HD and HD resolution options.

ACS1 Car Dash Cam also has a relatively attractive design. On the other hand, its ability to store video recordings is also supported by 32GB memory. The selling price on the market is around IDR 500 thousand.

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