10 car insurance companies auto insurance near me

car insurance near me
car insurance near me

car insurance companies auto insurance near me

ebanmella.com – The number of car insurance companies that offer motor vehicle insurance can confuse you to choose which one is the best In addition, there are two types of car insurance, namely all risk and total loss only (TLO), it is often confusing, which one is right for you.

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So, if you are currently facing this worry, don’t worry, because in this article, CekPremi provides a list of the best All Risk and TLO car insurance recommendations for 2021 and tips on how to choose one. Listen, yes!

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a protection service provided by insurance companies to customers for the car you own.

This protection can be for personal cars or company cars. The basic benefit of car insurance is to protect your motor vehicle against accidents, damage and loss.

Generally, there are two types of car insurance, Total Loss Only (TLO) and All Risk. TLO car insurance is a service that provides protection in the event that your car is lost or damaged due to theft, with the cost of repairs exceeding 75% of the car’s value.

If the damage to your car is less than 75 percent of the total value of your vehicle, the claim will be denied. Additionally, TLO insurance ensures protection if your car is lost.

Meanwhile, all-risk auto insurance is a service that provides protection and financial assistance in case your vehicle suffers major or minor damage, such as a scratched and dented car. Of course, with certain conditions. All accident insurance premiums are more expensive than TLO because the insurance and protection benefits are greater.

You can check the CekPremi website to calculate the car insurance premium price because for all risk and TLO, the premium amount varies depending on the location or your car number, vehicle type and year. of the vehicle.
List of the best and cheapest car insurance for all accidents and TLO

So what are the best car insurance options for you? So that you can get the best vehicle protection, here are some of the best and cheapest car insurance tips right now.

ACA Otomate car insurance

ACA has two types of car insurance, Comprehensive and Automatic. Therefore, for Otomate itself, it is a car insurance in the form of a package accompanied by special facilities, that is, a replacement car during repairs, emergency repairs, tow trucks, ambulances and more.

New for old, replacement car, emergency service, valet service, authorized non-partner and partner workshops, and stolen from valet parking

You can check on CekPremi or the official ACA website.

Partner workshop
More than 90 workshops

How do I understand?
Go directly to the official ACA site

Garda Auto Car Insurance

One of the best car insurance is owned by Astra. Garda Auto offers two types of car insurance, comprehensive and total loss.

Comprehensive: protection against fire, collision, slip, fall, misconduct, theft and loss; TLO: More than 75 percent of accidents and lost cars

You can check using a car insurance simulator.

Partner workshop
It is located in Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, Serang, Bekasi, Karawang, Bandung and Central Java.

How do I understand?

Zurich Sharia car insurance

Zurich Shariah Insurance provides excellent Shariah based vehicle insurance. Zurich Syariah offers all risk Shariah products. This insurance also has a certificate from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

Compensation for travel loss, accidental loss and damage or loss

Starting from 800 thousand IDR

Partner workshop
More than 300 workshops

How do I understand?
Approximately 1 day through the online application

Sinar Mas car insurance

Not wanting to be left behind, Sinar Mas, like the best car insurance companies, also has an advanced product called SimasNet. Sinar Mas Car Insurance offers comprehensive and TLO protection warranties. A special benefit of this insurance is that it is exempt from taxi charges as long as the car is in the repair shop.

All risk: medium and general damage compensation; TLO: Compensation for total loss exceeding 75 percent of the car’s value

IDR 700 thousand

Partner workshop
to 584 workshops

How do I understand?
Online processing is approximately 1 day.

Crazy car insurance

Abda Car Insurance or Abda Auto Insurance provides all accident and total loss insurance. What’s amazing about this insurance is the full 24-hour roadside assistance service in the form of towing, fuel delivery, locksmith, battery topping up and flat tire. Additionally, there is additional protection in the form of personal accident for drivers with more affordable premiums.

Abda Auto Insurance gives customers the freedom to choose the official repair shop nearest to their place of residence.

General: Prevention of partial and total loss, including theft; TLO: Covers up to 75 percent or more of the value of the vehicle due to an accident or loss

From IDR 36 thousand per month for TLO and IDR 205,000 per month for all risk

Partner workshop
It is found in Jakarta, Bandung and West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

How do I understand?

MAG Vehicle Insurance

A good car insurance product that you can get from MAG is MAGNA CAR. This product includes collision and loss of vehicle protection.

May be extended for losses due to riots, floods, third party liability, driver and passenger accidents.

Around IDR 780 thousand

Partner workshop

How do I understand?
Online through the application

The implementation and guidance
Maximum vehicle age is 10 years.

Allianz Car Insurance

Alliance has a good car insurance product Mobilku. The amazing thing about this product is that there are three total packages that you can choose from.

Protection of vehicles from damage and theft

You can check on Allianz official website.

Partner workshop
Located in Jakarta, Bekasi, Sikarang, Sibubur, Karawang, Tangerang, Serang, Depok and Bogor.

How do I understand?
Call Centre, Email or visit your nearest Head Office/Branch.

Zurich Autosilen car insurance

Zurich AutoCylin Insurance offers total or total loss insurance for cars with different insurance premium costs depending on the type of insurance chosen.

24-hour emergency roadside assistance, AutoCylin Mobile claims application that streamlines the insurance claim process, and AutoCylin Mobile’s easy-to-use process provide customers with guaranteed car service.

Starting from 860 thousand IDR per year

Partner workshop
More than 300 workshops

How do I understand?
Online process 1 day

Jasaraharja of Putra

Jasaraharja Putera is BUMN Insurance that provides comprehensive protection for your vehicle.

This insurance can cover the risks of damage and/or loss of the vehicle, vehicle parts, legal liability to third parties (if your vehicle collides with another party).

In addition, Jasaraharja Putera insures against the legal liability of passengers, drivers or passengers.

The scope of coverage is Total Loss Only (TLO) and General/All Risk.

  1. AXA car insurance

AXA Auto Insurance has a product called Smartdrive that gives you a sense of protection and security while driving your favorite car.

There are a variety of benefits you can choose from, including partner workshops spread across Indonesia, transparent payment facilities, official workshops, no surveys, 24-hour customer service, credit card installations and roadside assistance services.

The insurance claims process is very fast and repair times can be even faster because AXA has worked with top partner repair shops.
Tips for choosing the best car insurance

For those who are thinking of buying a good car insurance product, CekPremi has tips and tricks to avoid buying the wrong one.
Premium price

You should be selective in comparing premium rates and benefits or services. Don’t let you pay dearly but don’t get it Benefitsbetter than.

Insurance companies are also competing to be competitive by offering various facilities to delight their users. For example, there are insurance companies that offer vehicle registration renewal services. There are emergency roadside assistance services available for free. To get good car insurance, you can consider whether the facilities offered by this insurance company are really useful for you.
Company integrity

The credibility of the company is very important to consider when choosing vehicle insurance. It should be considered whether the company has a good reputation and history or not. The trustworthiness of the insurance company can be seen by reading reviews or by asking a close person who has purchased insurance.
Partner workshop

The number of partner repair shops is a factor in deciding which car insurance is right for you. A large number of workshops and workshop locations makes it easy for you to process repairs and claims. If you are already compatible with a subscription repair shop, just ask if the workshop is a partner of the insurance company. This way, when you submit a claim, you will be served by the workshop of your choice.
Additional services

Who doesn’t like to be ruled like a king? Yes, it is no exaggeration to say that “the consumer is king”. Of course, you want your insurance to be well served. Cekpremi provides additional services as an online portal that provides information and compares premium rates, with insurance specialists you can trust for advice.

FAQs about car insurance

What are some good car insurance?

                    - ACA Car Insurance - Garda Auto Car Insurance - Adira Syariah Car Insurance - Sinar Mas Car Insurance - Abda Car Insurance - MAG Vehicle Insurance - Allianz Car Insurance - Adira Autocilin Car Insurance                    

What does all accident car insurance cover?

                    - Protection against accidents, bumps, crashes, tipping, slipping or falling.  - Due to other bad deeds.  - Theft - fire and lightning strikes.                    

What does TLO car insurance cover?

                    If the cost of repair is estimated to be equal to 75% of the value immediately before the loss, the TLO covers the risk due to theft and damage.                    

What is the difference between TLO and All Risk Insurance?

                    All Risk can be translated as 'All Risks'.  This insurance is also called comprehensive or comprehensive.  Unlike a TLO, a scratched or dented car is where the insurance pays the claim.  All risk is car insurance only, the finance is more expensive than TLO.                    

How Much Does Car Insurance Premium Cost?

                    The cost of car insurance premium depends on the area/residence (car number plate), type of vehicle, age of the vehicle and other parameters.                     

Protect your favorite car!

Make sure your new car is protected against all damages with insurance! Total cost of car damage is covered by car insurance product. All danger! You can also use TLO insurance (Total loss only) if you want premium at low cost! Compare and choose the best and most trusted car insurance products only on Cekpremi.com!

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