6 Modern and Aesthetic Bathroom Ceramic Motifs

6 Modern and Aesthetic Bathroom Ceramic Motifs

6 Modern and Aesthetic Bathroom Ceramic Motifs – As time goes by, now many houses, hotels and apartments have modern bathrooms. Not only sophisticated equipment, but also the design is considered.

One of the reasons to make the bathroom feel comfortable is the choice of ceramic motif. If you match the color, you will feel comfortable and calm while using the bathroom.

There are a variety of bathroom ceramic figurines available on the market today. Do you want to know modern and elegant bathroom ceramic styles? See the tips below.

Modern and elegant bathroom ceramic tiles

Although it is only used for bathing and toileting, the bathroom should be as comfortable and good as possible, and you will feel calm when you are in it. Therefore, choosing a bathroom ceramic design is very important.

Reported by the My Domaine website, the following are tips for modern and elegant bathroom ceramic surfaces.

1. Hexagonal motif ceramics

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The first recommended bathroom ceramic surface is hexagonal. This style is often used in many bathrooms with a modern theme, because the hexagonal design looks elegant and does not make it easy to slip when wet.

Oh yes, to combine the hexagonal ceramic design with the bathroom, try to choose a color like dark black. Then, you can choose white for ceramic walls to create a black and white feeling. In addition, you can combine white and gray or white and brown.

2. Check motif ceramics

At first glance, this style looks like well-arranged red bricks. However, using Czech ceramics can give a modern and elegant feeling, you know.

Try using white ceramics on the walls to create a clean and elegant looking bathroom. If not ideal, seekers can combine mint green with dark brown to produce a classic modern bathroom.

3. Flower motif ceramics

For those who want a bathroom with a beautiful and modern design, the flower design ceramics can be the best choice. This style can give a feeling of calmness and happiness, especially if it is added in the corner of the bathroom with several small decorations such as flower plants.

As for the color, try to choose a color that is a little soft but not too dark. Also, combine it with other colors. For example, the floor tiles are gray, the walls are white.

4. Moroccan motif ceramics

Moroccan Motif Ceramics combines modern designs with classics. This ceramic surface has many advantages in addition to visual beauty, which are non-slip and provide comfort and stability.

Colors consist of different choices. In general, Moroccan styles do not have only one color, so they can be a combination of white, gray or black. The only difference is the pattern or color.

5. Marble motif ceramics

The last tip for bathroom ceramic styles is marble. If you’re feeling expensive, challengers can opt for marble-like ceramics.

This ceramic surface can be said to be one of the best and safest to use in the bathroom. The size of the ceramics makes a small bathroom bigger at first.

For color choices, it is recommended to use bright colors such as cream or white. You can also use one color or combine it with other colors, for example black or brown for a ceramic floor.

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6. Natural Wood Motif Ceramics

The next recommendation for elegant bathroom ceramics is ceramics with wooden motifs which have a natural impression with a natural atmosphere. If you prefer a more natural and calm bathroom concept, you can use ceramics with wooden motifs on the walls or floor of your bathroom.

You can also combine bathroom wall tiles that are navy blue with ceramics with other motifs in the same color, such as white or cream. To increase the elegant and natural impression of the bathroom, you can apply an open bathroom concept with a roof or glass window.

Apart from making it more natural, using a roof or glass window also aims to provide natural lighting in your bathroom. Not only that, you can also add some plants to add a more natural, comfortable impression to your bathroom.

So, here are five tips for a modern and beautiful bathroom ceramic style. So, what kind of ceramic motifs do you want to use, challengers?

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