5 Causes of Car Remote Not Working and Solutions

5 Causes of Car Remote Not Working and Solutions

5 Causes of Car Remote Not Working and Solutions

ebanmella – The car remote no longer looks foreign. Even those who don’t own a four-wheel drive know the existence and operation of a car remote. But the remote control of the car may not work properly because the remote control is often used. Have you ever had a problem with your car remote not working?

Car remote controls have various functions to make it easy to lock and unlock doors. You can rely on this to turn off the alarm on the car. But if something happens, the function of the remote control will be interrupted.

You can read this ebanmella article to find out why the car remote does not work even after changing the battery. You can also learn how to fix a malfunctioning car remote and tips to make your remote last longer.

Car remote functions you need to know

Do you have a remote control car? Nowadays, car remote control is very common considering their benefits and functions. But, have you ever wondered what the actual function of the remote control is?

Although the car remote control is generally used to lock the car, this little thing has another function. The latest cars are often equipped with sophisticated technology. This makes it easy for users to lock or unlock the door without inserting the key into the lock.

Even remotely, car doors can be opened and closed using the car’s remote control. You can definitely see several buttons on the car remote control which have their respective functions. Another function of the car remote control is to keep the car safe from interference from other people who may harm or damage it.

There is a button with a picture of a speaker that works as an alarm. If you find the button, it sounds like a bell or a reminder. The sound it makes is loud enough so you can use it to keep thieves out of your home.

When you hear suspicious noises, especially at night, you can press the alarm button on the remote control of the car to scare off the bad guys who try to break into the house or take the car.

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You can also access this key for many other things, such as the location of the car.

Sometimes, we forget where to park the car, especially if the parking lot is often full. The same thing can happen when you park in a place you have never visited before. If you suddenly forget where you parked your car, why not use your car remote? By turning on the alarm button, the car will make a sound to let you know where the car is.
Reasons why the car remote control does not work

With the times and advancements in technology, automotive owners can now unlock their car doors using the remote control. However, the remote control cannot always be used correctly. Therefore, if the remote control of the car does not work, you should check it immediately. This way, you can use the remote control again as usual.

So, what are the reasons for car remote not working? Here are some of the reasons behind this common problem

1. Remove the remote battery

The car remote you use every day uses battery power to operate and protect your car. Like the batteries in a TV or AC remote control, the batteries in a car remote control are subject to wear and tear over time.

If the car remote does not work, you should check the battery. In fact, you can tell if the battery is dead or not by looking at the remote light that doesn’t turn on when you press the button.

The remote light not turning on may be a sign or signal to replace the battery immediately. With the new battery installed, you can now try using the car remote control again. So, if it starts to light up, it means that the battery is really dead. Of course, you do not need to worry because this is not a big problem, but it is normal.

2. Defective remote receiver

The car remote control is damaged or not working and can be due to various reasons such as a damaged remote receiver. No product can last forever. This means that the remote control of the car can be damaged at any time, including the receiver.

The receiver is one of the components included in the car remote control. If these parts are damaged, chances are the car remote control is not working as it should.

So, what is the function of the receiver? This body receives remote waves when one of the buttons is pressed. Then he interprets the command to lock the car. You must repair any damage to remote receivers immediately. The longer you delay fixing it, the longer it will take to use the remote control again. This means you have to close the car door manually.

3. Intermittent remote frequency

Perhaps many people still don’t know that there are several factors that can affect the performance of the car remote control they use. As a result, the remote control of the car does not work even after changing the battery.

If this happens, you need to find out the cause of the damage to the other remote control. do you know? Areas with high electromagnetic waves may affect the operation of the car remote control. So it makes sense if you can’t lock the door even if there is no damage to the remote control of the car.

Generally these places are around Extra High Pressure Airline or SUTET towers, radio or television towers and so on. Fortunately, the disruption was only temporary. The remote control works again when you’re in another location so you can rely on it for your convenience. To prevent this from happening, make sure to avoid areas with high magnetic fields so that the car’s remote frequency is not disrupted.

4. Distant organs are affected

The receiver is not the only part of the car remote control. That means the remote only works if all components are working properly. In other words, if one of the other parts is damaged, the remote control of the car will not work.

To keep every part in good condition, avoid things that could hurt you, like dropping the car remote control. Repeated pressing of the remote control can also damage the remote, so you should have it repaired or even replaced with a new one.

5. Often held in your pocket

Do you often keep your car remote in your pants or clothing pocket? If true, change this habit immediately. for what In a pocket or in an inappropriate place, the remote control is often impossible to install, which may cause the car remote control to not work.
How to fix a car remote control that doesn’t work

When the car remote control does not work, you need to find the right way to fix it. But wait a minute! How many times do you press and play with the remote control? You should reduce this habit. If you press the key button repeatedly, it may cause a loss of communication between the car and the remote control.

The car remote control uses a 40-bit transmission. Therefore, if pressed repeatedly, even up to 257 times, the remote control will require a combination to unlock the car automatically. Missed combinations may cause the car’s remote control to malfunction.

There are several ways you can try to control a car remote that doesn’t work:

1. Read the guide or instructions

Basically, automatic unlocking and locking of car doors is the function of the car remote control. But car owners often face problems, for example, the remote control of the car can not open the door, they can still use it in the past.

As explained earlier, there are many things that can cause damage to this little thing. So, if the remote control doesn’t work as it should, try reading the manual or manual.

Manuals often provide information on how to deal with damage to the car’s remote control. If you don’t have a damaged car remote service provider, you can deal with minor damages yourself. Follow each tutorial explained in the manual. However, if the remote control still does not work again, it is best not to disassemble the remote control. The aim is to prevent more serious injuries and other unforeseen accidents.

2. Check the car’s remote battery

Have you checked the battery when the car remote doesn’t work? If not, you can do it immediately. The remote control of the car is not really damaged, but the battery parts may need to be replaced. Usually this little thing held in the palm of your hand is about three years old.

Try pressing the alarm button to check the battery status. A weak sound indicates that you need to replace the remote control battery immediately. To do this, open the battery cover on the back using a screwdriver. Then choose the battery that fits your car’s battery type.

Car batteries generally have two battery models, which are the common A27 size and the CR2016 flat model.

3. Check the function of each button on the remote control

In addition to checking the battery, you can also check each button on the remote control. The goal is to find out if the button still works or not. If certain buttons do not work even after replacing the remote batteries, the remote buttons may be damaged.

Check the cable routing to fix this. Open the remote control and check for damaged or damaged cables. The problem is that the electric current is not connected, so you have to connect the broken cable.

4. Check the cable route

The next way to fix a car remote that doesn’t work is to check the cable route. Generally, you can do this if you can’t use the remote even though you have just replaced the remote batteries. Damage to the cable path can cause the remote buttons to not work. This means that one of the remote functions is hampered. For example, the remote light comes on and the alarm sounds but the car door cannot be locked.

The solution to this problem is to get a new remote unit. Usually, the nearest car repair shop offers the product you are looking for. That way, you can return to using the car remote as usual.

5. Check the frequency around the car

There is something that affects the function of the remote, namely the frequency around the car. If your car is parked near an electrical tower or radio transmitter tower, the car remote will not work.

For this problem, you don’t need to do any service. Just bring the remote closer to the car and wait until the remote functions normally again. Or you can choose a car park that is further away from the tower area.

6. Carry out a remote car service at the workshop

When the car remote doesn’t work, you certainly can’t use the object. If you can’t fix it yourself due to several considerations, you should immediately go to a repair shop that provides remote car service.

The cost of car servicing related to remotes at workshops varies greatly. So, you should first ask for information on service prices. However, generally these costs range from IDR 150 thousand to IDR 300 thousand.

Meanwhile the repair process is relatively fast. The remote will be functional again in approximately two hours. However, make sure you go to the nearest and most trusted professional online car repair shop so you don’t make the wrong choice and don’t regret it later.

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