Greetings on the First Day of the U-17 World Cup

Greetings on the First Day of the U-17 World Cup

Greetings on the First Day of the U-17 World Cup

Mali vs Uzbekistan results

Mali defeated Uzbekistan 3-0 in their first Group B match of the 2023 Indonesia Under-17 World Cup at Manahan Stadium Solo on Friday (10/11/2023).

Mamadou Doumbia scored Mali’s three goals in the 30th, 72nd (F) and 75th minutes.

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Mali and Uzbekistan looked evenly matched in the first half of the match. Both groups attacked each other.

But Uzbekistan was not so lucky at first. Uzbekistan goalkeeper Sobirov’s misjudgment as he intercepted Sekou Kone’s pass was successfully capitalized on by Doumbia.

The wild ball that moved to his feet was immediately transferred to the Uzbekistan goal. He made it 1-0 to Mali in the 30th minute.

After the goal, Mali continued to hunt down the Uzbekistan defense. However, the score remained 1-0 until half-time.

In the second half, Mali did not want to let up their attack. In this game, it has been confirmed that Mali released the ball to Uzbekistan a total of 29 times. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan only got 3 scoring chances.

The judge deemed the action a violation. However, Uruguayan referee Gustavo Tejera immediately pointed to the spot after confirming the VAR. Dumbya, who was the executor, performed the task successfully. The result was 2-0.

With a 2-0 win, the mindset of a young Uzbekistan team seems to be starting to fail. Three minutes later, Uzbekistan goalkeeper Sobirov had to come back to take the ball out of the net.

Still, Dumbya is an actor. From an attack on the right side of Uzbekistan, Ibrahim Kanet attempted a shot on goal.

However, his shot was not perfect and was aimed at Dumbia. Player number 17 immediately put the ball into the goal. The 3-0 score remained until the end of the game.

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line up

Mali (4-5-1)

1 Burama Cone | 2 Moussa Traore, 4 Souleymane Sanogo, 5 Issa Traore, 15 Baye Coulibaly | 3 Hamidou McCullough, 6 Sekou Kone, 8 Ibrahim Diarra (C), 10 Anje Marshall Thia, 11 Ibrahim Kanate | 17 Mamadou Doumbia

Substitutes: 16 Diaguin Sidibe, 21 Seriba Doumbia, 7 Modibo Sissoko, 9 Salif Noah Lintu, 12 Gaussou Kone, 13 Badra Traore, 14 Ousmane Thierry, 18 Moussa Macire Diop, 19 Mahmoud Barry, 20 Ousmane

Uzbekistan (4-3-3)

21 Muhammedyusuf Sobirov | 6 Ozodbek Uktamov, 13 Bekhruz Djumatov, 19 Sherzodbek Abdulboriev, 20 Dilshod Abdullaev | 5 Azizbek Tulkunbekov, 7 Lazizbek Mirzaev (C), 17 Olabergan Karimov | 3 Yakio Urinbov, 9 Amirbek Saidov, 14 Shodior Shodiboyev


1 Jakhongir Buriev, 12 Jahongir Mamatkulov, 2 Aminbek Yokubov, 4 Behruzjon Karimov, 8 Bekhruzjon Karimov, 8 Bekhruz Shukurullaev, 10 Abdulkhamid Turgunboev, 11 Kuvonchbek Abraev, 15 Ozodbek Ergashov, 16 Jasrimovkmilav Himida.

Morocco vs Panama Results

In the first half, Morocco played directly against Panama’s goal. They made several attempts and Morocco’s chances were thwarted by Panama goalkeeper Romero.

Morocco finally scored in the 16th minute. Morocco’s defender Chalagmo, who crossed the ball from the corner, was able to break the ball received from Mali and pass the Panamanian goal.

Klagmo crashed into the right corner of the Panama goal with a header. Romero was stunned by the goal.

After the first goal, both teams faced each other. Morocco looked to add to their lead as Panama tried to equalise. The score remained 1-0 until the referee stopped the game.

In the second half, Panama started to heat up. Panamanian players practiced the game hard. In fact, Portuguese referee Joao Pinheiro gave three yellow cards to the Panama players.

The score remained 1-0 until normal time. Morocco could only double their lead in extra time.

Ayman Enair increased Morocco’s lead in the 90+5 minute. Shortly after Morocco’s goal, the referee blew the whistle. The score is 2-0 Morocco.

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line up

Panama (4-4-2)

1 Manuel Romero | 2 Juriel Nereda (C), 3 Martin Krug, 5 Juan Hall, 13 Eric Diaz | 6 Anel Ryce, 10 Eric Moreno, 11 Oldemar Castillo, 16 Jael Pierre | 7 Kevin Walder, 18 Hector Rios

Substitutes: 12 Said David, 21 Alberto Ruiz, 4 Giancarlos Garcia, 8 Aldair Marta, 9 Fredrik Krug, 14 Juan Jumenez, 15 Joshua Pye, 17 Luis Gaitan, 19 Cahir Tovares, 20 Ernesto Gomez.

Manager: Michael Guto

Morocco (4-5-1)

1 cup Benrozil 3 Fouad Zahouani, 13 Saifdine Chlaghmo, 15 Naoufel El Hannach, 19 Smail Bakhty (C) | 6 Mehdi Akumi, 8 Adam Bufander, 10 Imran Nazih, 17 Abdelhamid Mali, 18 Mohamed Hamoni | 7 Anas Alaoi

Substitutes: 12 Hamza Jalid, 21 Mohamed Amin Ezarhouni, 2 Hamza Qutoune, 4 Ayub Chaihun, 5 Abdelhamid Ait Bodlal, 9 Nassim Azasouzi, 11 Zakaria Ouzaneh, 14 Yassir El Aissati, 16 Ayman Enair, 20

Manager: Chiba said.

Spain vs Canada results

Spain opened their first U-17 World Cup game with a 2-0 win over Canada at Manahan Stadium on Friday (10/11/2023).

In that game, Canadian player Alessandro Billo was sent off with a red card in the 37th minute for a foul on Spanish captain Pau Prem.

Canada, already down 1-0 to Marc Guy in the 21st minute, was struggling to keep up with Spain. They managed to keep the game 1-0 until halftime, but Canada finally scored again in the 76th minute through Quim Junyent.

Spain’s first goal was scored by Pablo López and Guillén. The young Barcelona player did not waste to turn the cross that Lopez presented into a goal.

After this goal, Spain became addicted to chasing goals. By continuing to attack Spain, the Canadian players made a mistake.

In the 37th minute, Alessandro Billo had to leave the field with a red card due to Pau Prem’s mistake. The foul was missed at first, but the referee then waved the replay aside. Biello was eventually given a red card.

Playing with only 10 men in the second half, Canada struggled to develop its game. Spain also managed to control the game.

A total of 36 goal attempts were made in Spain. Spain also dominated with 63 percent of possession.

Spain continued to attack the Canadian defence. Gou, Junyunt continued to attack the Canadian defense in turn. Finally, the collaboration between Junyent and Giu has borne fruit. With one or two attacks, Junette was finally able to break into the Canadian goal.

line up:

Spain (4-3-3)

1 Raul Jimenez | 2 Hector Fort, 3 Dani Munoz, 4 Jon Martin, 5 Pau Cubarsi | 6 Pau Prim (C), 10 Juan Hernandez, 18 Quim Junient | 7 Pablo Lopez, 9 Mark Guieu, 19 Daniel Yanez

Subs: 13 Fran Arbol, 21 Marcos Gonzalez, 8 Roberto Martin, 11 Pio Hustamendia, 12 Igor Oyono, 14 Izan Merino, 15 Andres Cuenca, 16 Marc Bernal, 17 Oscar Mesa, 20 Paulo Iago.

Manager: Jose Maria Lana

Canada (4-4-2)

1 Nathaniel Abraham | 2 Theo Rigopoulos, 5 Chimere Omeze, 6 Lazar Stefanovic (C), 13 Richard Chukwu | 3 Gael de Montini, 4 Alessandro Billo, 7 Tariq Tahid, 8 Jeevan Badwal | 9 Anthony Klukowski, 11 Kevin Tavernier

Subs: 16 Dominik Kantorovic, 18 Alexander O’Brien, 10 Philip Iginbobaro, 12 Aidan Fong, 14 Tyler Londono, 15 Victor Fung, 17 Etienne Godin, 19 Eric Pope, 20 Lino Crown, 21 Lucas Ozimek.

Manager: Andrew Olivieri

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