11 Most Expensive Football Club Jersey Sponsors in the World

11 Most Expensive Football Club Jersey Sponsors in the World

11 Most Expensive Football Club Jersey Sponsors in the World

ebanmella.com – The age where football is one of the most promising and profitable industries has led to various businesses flocking to invest. The competition is so competitive that some of these businesses don’t seem to think twice about spending a lot of money.

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The most expensive football club shirt sponsors are generally found at big name clubs. The club’s international popularity is a challenge for big sponsors. Apart from being profitable for the business, these sponsorship deals are one of the club’s main sources of income to cover their operational costs.

Year by year, the amount of money spent to become the main sponsor of a football club is increasing significantly. The fact that soccer remains the most popular sport in the world is a significant factor in this increase.

From airlines, sports companies, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, various Brands Well-known brands, even gambling companies, all compete for the main place on the front of the jersey.

There are many types of sponsors that adorn the jerseys of different football clubs from different parts of the world. However, who has the highest financial spend at the sponsorship level? Check out the following reviews of 11 expensive football club shirt sponsors.

11 Most Expensive Football Club Jersey Sponsors 2023

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11. Chelsea – 3/3 (46 million euros)

This London club in association with British telecommunications company, 3/threeWith a contract value of approximately €46 million per year.

telegraph In February, it was reported that Chelsea were in talks with various companies to replace him 3 Next season as the main sponsor.

Latest news from The athletics The Premier League has refused to give permission for a potential partnership. Blues with Paramount Plus Fearing it would cause problems for the official broadcast partners of the English top flight.

10. Tottenham Hotspur – AIA (46 million euros)

Tottenham Hotspur’s partnership with this Hong Kong-based life insurance company has been running since the 2013/14 season. In the year In 2019, the two agreed to work together, signing a £320 million (€370 million) contract for eight years.

Recent agreement with AI He played a major role in increasing Spurs’ commercial revenue. Report The athletics He said Spurs’ commercial revenue in the 2021/22 season is higher than their two London rivals, Chelsea and Arsenal.

9. Arsenal – Emirates (46 million euros)

Emirates has been Arsenal’s main sponsor since 2006. In 2018, the two agreed to work together for the next 5 years, with a total contract value of £200 million (€230 million).

The partnership between the North London club and United Arab Emirates Airlines is one of the longest in the world of sport.

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8. Bayern Munich – T-Mobile/Deutsche Telecom (€50 million)

This German telecommunications company has sponsored Bayern Munich since 2002. Last year, when the two celebrated 20 years of collaboration, T Mobile And Bayern have agreed to continue their partnership until 2027 with a contract value of €50 million per year.

The latest contract represents a €5 million annual price increase over the previous contract. T Mobile It is itself one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Europe.

7. Juventus – Gipps (45-51 million euros)

Juventus is among the most expensive shirt sponsors of the Serie A team. Cooperation between I Bianconeri With the Italian car manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), which has been in force since 2013, has been officially extended for 3 years in 2021.

The biggest shares Fia It is controlled by a parent company based in the Netherlands. took outControlled by the Agnelli family. This family has run Juventus since 1923. At the beginning of 2023, Andrea Agnelli, the fourth member of the Agnelli clan, has officially ended his tenure at the top of the club. Chairman Following the scandal Plasvalenza Seri A

6. Manchester United – TeamViewer (€54 million)

This German software company has signed a 5-year deal with Manchester United (MU) in 2021, replacing its former sponsor. Chevrolet. The deal is said to be worth a total of 235 million pounds (270 million euros). This amount means that MU, who previously held the record for the most expensive football club shirt sponsor, will fall from the top of the list.

mentioned The athleticsIn December 2022, MU and TeamViewer MU has reached a mutual agreement with a buyback option (Buy back) the club’s main shirt sponsorship rights.

This will allow the Red Devils to start looking for a new main shirt sponsor. Once an agreement is reached with a new sponsor, TeamViewer It itself will remain in the MU collaboration ecosystem until 2026.

5. Manchester City – Etihad (€56 million)

Manchester City’s partnership with United Arab Emirates Airlines began in 2011. ForbesAt the time, both agreed a 10-year contract worth a total of £400 million.

Cooperation Citizens This airline itself is in UEFA’s attention regarding issues of violation of financial regulations. This issue has resurfaced after the Premier League issued a statement regarding breaches of financial regulations.

4. Liverpool – Standard Chartered (€57.5 million)

The London-based club has been Liverpool’s main sponsor since 2010. Last year, the two reached a new deal for a four-year contract worth around £200m (€230m).

This agreement has a significant increase in the contract price compared to the previous agreement The red ones Being one of the most expensive football club shirt sponsors in England.

3. Barcelona – Spotify (57.5-60 million euros)

Barcelona announce new deal with music streaming service SpotifyIn March 2022, after the end of the cooperation with Rakuten. Based in Sweden, the company is among the most expensive sponsors of football club jerseys.

Report Mundo Deportivo and Sport You mentioned that Spotify And Barça have signed a 4-year contract worth €57.5 million per year with the possibility of an increase of up to €60 million.

In addition, when the clubs use his name, each of them will get an additional 5 million euros Spotify In the stadium and Barça training uniform.

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2. Paris Saint-Germain – Qatar Airways (€70 million)

In 2022 Qatar Airways He became the official sponsor of the PSG jersey, replacing the previous sponsor. Acor. Report For Parisians The deal between the airline and PSG was worth 70 million euros per year, he said.

This size makes it Qatar Airways It is currently one of the most expensive football club shirt sponsors. As you know, the state-owned company was previously the main sponsor of Barcelona from 2013-2016.

1. Real Madrid – Emirates (70 million euros)

Apart from PSG, the record for the most expensive football club shirt sponsor is held by Real Madrid. This is followed by the extension of the cooperative relationship Los Blancos do with Emirates In October 2022.

Report Brand name The new contract, which runs until 2026, is worth up to 70 million euros per year, he said.  Bwin. Being the main sponsor of the Real Madrid jersey.

That was a review of 11 expensive football club shirt sponsors at the time. This list is certainly full of the most popular European clubs. So it’s no surprise that the top companies are willing to spend a fortune to have their brand on the front of the club’s shirt.

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