Get to know the causes and characteristics of broken car windows

Get to know the causes and characteristics of broken car windows

Get to know the causes and characteristics of broken car windows

ebanmella – Broken car window and needs to be replaced? In fact, the process of replacing the car window with a new one does not take much time. Usually, it only takes two to three hours, the glass can be replaced immediately. However, if the glass is broken, are you sure it needs to be replaced? There are many features and situations in which broken glass can still be repaired. This will certainly be more cost effective.

However, if you need to replace the broken glass with a new one, make sure you choose the nearest auto glass repair store. Also, make sure that the workshop is a partner workshop with the insurance provider that you use to protect your car against all possible accidents while driving.

By knowing all these automotive facts, you will be convinced that vehicle insurance is really important, especially in terms of protection. So, you won’t hesitate to buy an insurance premium that offers protection coverage that suits your needs and wants while driving.

Causes of broken car windows

Like other car parts, car windows also have an important function. It cannot be denied that the car glass protects the people inside the cabin from various dangers and accidents that can happen while traveling outside the car. However, this part can be damaged for various reasons. Have you ever had a broken car window? What would you do, fix or replace?

If this is your first time experiencing a broken glass problem, you must be wondering what the cause is. Usually, this kind of thing starts with a small crack that grows over time. The causes are very different, for example:

1. To hit with a sharp object or stone

One cause of glass breakage is being struck by a blunt object or pebble. It seems that this is no longer a secret. Flashing objects can break or damage the car window. If you often pass through rocky roads, you should keep your distance from the car in front of you. The goal is to remove gravel from the car tires.

2. Effect of using Defogger

Did the car window suddenly break on its own? This may be due to the effects of using a defogger. Defogger is a feature that helps dehumidify the front and rear windows. Unfortunately, continuous use can damage the car glass, so it is not impossible for the car glass to eventually break.

When the defroster works, the temperature around the heating element increases, so the condensation on the glass disappears. However, if this defrosting feature works continuously without turning it off, the glass will expand. Especially if the temperature in the room is very high. To minimize such problems, make sure to turn off or turn off the ignition before getting out of the car.

3. Poor quality car glass

Even if nothing hits, it is not impossible for the glass to break. This can happen if the car glass is of poor quality. Each car manufacturer has a different quality of glass for the front, side and back, for each part of the glass.

To anticipate this problem, you should pay attention to the details of the car before buying the car. In this way, you have the opportunity to find a quality car even for every class. This increases satisfaction when using your four-wheeler as there is less chance of damage including the windshield.

4. There is a pressure difference on the car window

If you see yourself breaking glass, you really need to be careful. This may be due to the difference in pressure on the glass. This can happen a lot, especially if the correction is used often. Prolonged heat from the defogger or the temperature inside the house can cause the glass to crack or even break.

5. Scratched wiper wire

Wipers definitely have their own function and role. However, you should pay attention to the condition of the wiper, especially the rubber part. Rubber that has started to crack will easily break apart when the cleaner is used. This can damage the glass. If this happens and you leave it for a long time, it is not impossible to break the car window, even if it is just a scratch at first.

6. Age factor

Age is the cause of broken glass. Every car part actually has a service life or age. So don’t be surprised if the glass breaks without any prior signs. The glass components also need to receive proper care to have a long service life.

Car windows that are not protected or covered with window film have the potential to shatter or shatter. Therefore, you should immediately deal with the issue, repairing the parts that are not serious or even replacing them with new ones.

Broken car glass features that can be repaired

During use, car windows can be damaged in the form of cracks or breakage. As mentioned earlier, there are many things that cause glass to break. However, this does not mean that you have to replace the glass with a new one.

There are several signs that broken glass can still be repaired, so there is no need to replace it with a new one. Apart from that, if only repairs are done, the costs will be relatively cheap.

The following symptoms can be repaired by car glass:

  • Crack less than 14 inches
  • The crack of the glass does not penetrate into the interior of the glass
  • Cracks or cracks do not occur in the corners
  • It does not interfere with the properties of the car glass

How to replace a broken car window

If you need a replacement, then you don’t need a broken car window service. Although not easy, you can replace the broken glass yourself at home, especially if you have experience.

So, if you’re planning to replace your car glass without the help of a cracked or broken auto glass repair shop near you, try the following methods?

1. Make sure the car window is clean

The first step to replacing broken glass is to make sure the glass is clean. You can clean this part from dirt, dust and small glass bottles that are still stuck there. Make sure no more particles are stuck to make the next process easier.

2. Glass drill

Do some digging to repair or replace damaged or broken auto glass. Technicians will help make holes as needed in the cracked area.

3. Pour in the resin liquid

The next way to replace broken glass is to pour liquid resin into the previously made hole until the cover is covered. After that, you have to wait a few hours until the glue hardens.

4. Level the surface

After the liquid resin fills the hole and solidifies the broken glass, the next process is to fix the surface by installing a glass film. However, be sure to illuminate the broken glass surface with UV light first.

If you feel that replacing a broken car window is too difficult if you do it yourself without the help of a professional, then you should not take the risk. Immediately go to an auto glass repair shop that offers damaged or broken auto glass services.

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