Types and Extensions of Damaged Car Insurance

Types and Extensions of Damaged Car Insurance

Types and Extensions of Damaged Car Insurance

ebanmella.com – Who says only life insurance and health insurance are important? Having breakdown car insurance is no less important considering the protection benefits it provides. A car is a vehicle that you use as a vehicle to carry out your daily activities. Therefore, having car insurance as per your needs should be considered now.

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Come learn about breakdown car insurance, including types, the amount of coverage you can afford and how to apply. This way, you can find the right insurance according to your needs.

An overview of natural disaster car insurance

Was the car damaged due to a natural disaster? If you believe in the importance of insurance, including four-wheelers, why hesitate to opt for a damaged car insurance? Car insurance is a form of protection provided in case of damage or loss of the insured’s vehicle.

There are several requirements that car owners should be aware of in order to get the protection benefits of this type of insurance. In addition to protecting against damage or loss, vehicle owners can complete the protection benefits with extended insurance.

Damaged car insurance rates vary, including third party legal liability. As these benefits are extensions or additional benefits, the policy holder has to pay more in terms of insurance premium. why? The benefits of the expansion insurance are generally more than what is covered by car insurance. Because it is extra, the car owner has to pay extra vehicle expenses. However, these benefits can be obtained as long as you insure your car.

Car insurance premiums vary depending on the type of insurance and additional benefits. It is best to contact a trusted insurance provider right away to find out the amount of premium you have to pay.

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Damaged car insurance types

For those of you who are still confused about choosing a damaged car insurance, do you understand the difference between the two types of car insurance in Indonesia? Generally, every car owner can purchase all accident car insurance or total loss only car insurance.

The following is an explanation of the two types of auto insurance:

1. All risk car insurance

All accident car insurance is also called comprehensive car insurance. So, there is no need to get confused if you find two terms referring to the same car insurance.

This car insurance covers all types of damage, from minor damage to serious damage caused by incidents that are harmful to the owner of the vehicle. With this insurance, you can even file a claim for repairing a scratched or dented car. If the repair costs are covered by the insurance provider through an approved insurance claim.

That means you have to submit a claim by meeting the relevant requirements for the claim to be accepted by the insurance company. Car repairs can only be done at the insurance company’s partner workshops. So before you choose an all risk auto insurance product, first find out how many repair shops the insurance company operates. The goal is to make it easier to get help with car repairs after an accident, as written in the insurance policy.

2. Total Loss Only (TLO) Insurance

Another form of damaged car insurance is total loss or TLO insurance. Unlike all accident insurance, TLO insurance covers more than 75 percent of the car’s value just before the loss occurs.

In other words, vehicle owners can only file claims to repair minor damages such as scratches or dents. This is the reason why you need to understand exactly what kind of protection you will get with the damaged car insurance you choose.

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Damaged car insurance expansion

When deciding to buy damaged car insurance, prospective insurance customers can ask as many questions as possible to make it more clear what kind of protection they will receive. For example, how often can you claim auto insurance in the event of an accident, including natural disasters? This way, car owners can ensure that the insurance premium they pay is commensurate with what they get from the insurance company.

Speaking of auto insurance, did you know that there are different expansion options that complement auto insurance products? This expansion provides additional benefits. Therefore, the premium price will also be higher compared to buying car insurance without additional extensions.

The following is a breakdown car insurance extension that you can take as per your needs and financial conditions, which of course applies to TLO and all accident car insurance.

1. Third Party Legal Liability

For those who want more benefits than an all-risk auto insurance claim that covers third-party claims, be sure to complete your auto insurance with this extension. Third party legal liability provides additional protection if your insured vehicle causes damage to a third party.

Therefore, when a third party makes a claim for accidents caused by your actions as a car owner, you should only file an insurance claim. In addition, the insurance company is responsible for providing compensation to third parties. This gives vehicle owners a sense of peace and security as they don’t have to fear claims from third parties that could lead them to the law.

2. Driver and passenger personal risks

Do you know how to claim a Toyota car? In general, the procedure for claiming damaged car insurance does not differ much from one car insurance company to another. However, you should know that each insurance provider company has different offers. So, to find out how to file an insurance claim, contact an insurance company you trust to protect you against accidents with your beloved vehicle.

In terms of insurance benefits, damaged car insurance only provides protection against damage. With the type of car damage insurance you choose, the insurance company will cover the damage to the vehicle.

However, if you want protection for drivers and passengers injured in accidents, you should include extended personal accident insurance when you buy damaged car insurance. This type of extension provides coverage against bodily injury, permanent disability, medical expenses and even death.

With this kind of expansion, choosing a damaged car insurance will give you more peace of mind and security. Although there is no one in this world who wants to be injured in a car accident, insurance is an option to protect against this accident.

3. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons, landslides and snow

Uncertainty about the future can lead to risk because car insurance expansion can be the reason you are armed. It includes protection against natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, and hail.

By opting for this type of extension, vehicle owners can file a claim for guaranteed repair costs or compensation if the car breaks down for any of the above-mentioned reasons. So if your car is hit by a tree due to a storm, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs. There are insurance companies that cover these losses.

4. Natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis

There is an extension to cover compensation or repair costs for cars vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. So, when your car is a victim of an accident, you can immediately contact the insurance company’s partner repair shop and then submit an insurance claim as per the applicable rules.

5. Violence and violence

Because there is no certainty about tomorrow, it is better to protect the four-wheelers from loss through chaos and turmoil. The coverage offered includes damages for strikes, disruptions of work, riots, revolutions and riots.

Have you decided which extension to take to complete your damaged car insurance benefits? Whatever extension is taken, this will affect the insurance premium rate. You can go to your preferred insurance agent or car insurance company to find out how much the insurance premium is. Ask the agent to calculate the insurance premium for each extension you want to get.

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