These 5 Cool Old Cars Are Still Popular with Young People

These 5 Cool Old Cars Are Still Popular with Young People

These 5 Cool Old Cars Are Still Popular with Young People – Driving an old car seems to give you a sense of pride. To this day, retro classic cars are still popular with automotive enthusiasts around the world. Surprisingly, old cars are very popular among young people. So it’s no surprise that cool old cars are still the target of collectors or automotive enthusiasts.

Old car dashboard interior with retro classic feeling

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Apart from their unique design, old cars like classic sedans are classified as vehicles for all age groups. Not a few use old cars for daily use. Even though they are old, with proper maintenance, classic cars are easy to maintain. Most enthusiasts are looking for vintage cars that are easy and inexpensive to maintain, such as the following cool vintage cars:

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Cool old cars that are popular among young people

Datun Bluebird 510

The Bluebird label is another name for a retro classic car. That’s because the Datsun 510 is the export name of the Nissan Bluebird. Its compact design makes this classic sedan very efficient on Indonesian roads. So it’s no surprise that this car is also popular as a vintage day car.

Built from 1968 to 1973, the Datsun Bluebird 510 was released in 3 variants: a 4-door sedan, a 2-door coupe and a wagon. The design of this car is inspired by retro sedans from Europe, which is why the Datsun 510 is nicknamed the poor man’s BMW, which refers to a low-cost BMW-style car.

Since its first production, the Datsun Bluebird 510 has been designed specifically to target the American and European markets. Apparently, after its first release, this car immediately sold 45,000 units in America.

As for the engine, Nissan has put J and L 4 piston type engines in each 510 variant. This type of engine is also used in Nissan’s sports car series such as Fairlady Z and Skyline. With a capacity of 1.3 liters to 1.8 liters, the engine performance can generate power from 67 to 105 horse power (HP).

Holden Kingswood

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Who does not know this car? This classic sedan is one of the famous cool old cars. The Holden Kingswood manufactured in Australia has a 2,500 cc engine. A masculine design is a plus point for this retro classic car.

Popular in the 1980s, this car is still popular today. This can be seen from the creation of the Holden Kingswood Indonesia community. Despite having a fairly large engine capacity, this car with a six-cylinder engine is economical.

Apart from the attractive exterior, the interior of the Holden Kingswood is also very stylish. Plus, accessories and accessories for this classic sedan are still easy to find. Communities like Holden Kingswood Indonesia can be a medium to share information about Holden Kingswood knickknacks and maintenance.

Toyota Hardtop

In the year Built in 1960, this car, whose original name was the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, should be included in the list of cool old cars. In the year Introduced in 1963 as a military vehicle, the Toyota Hardtop became popular as a civilian vehicle in the 1980s.

The advent of the Toyota hardtop was initiated by President Soeharto. While visiting Japan, Suharto was immediately impressed when he saw the FJ40 and decided to import the car as a military vehicle.

The aggressive and macho mood is reflected in the design of the Toyota hardtop. Toyota hardtop specifications are known for their robust 3.9 liter F-OHV engine. Unfortunately, the FJ40 is very wasteful in fuel usage.

So this car is more suitable for use as a rough terrain or off-road vehicle rather than as a daily vehicle. Until now, the Toyota Hardtop is still popular among off-road enthusiasts in Indonesia.

Toyota Corolla DX KE70

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The fourth generation of the Toyota Corolla was popular throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s. This futuristic car still frequently plies the roads of Indonesia and is popular among the youth today.

The boxy design was typical of cool cars of the time. Not only the exterior, but also the specification of Toyota Corolla DX is considered to be used as an old car for everyday use. Equipped with a 4K-U 1.3 liter engine, this car produces 62 HP of power with 97 Nm of torque.

Fuel consumption is also very economical, i.e. 1 liter from 9 to 12 km. So it’s no surprise that the Toyota Corolla DX was named one of the most fuel-efficient cars of the 80s. The Toyota Corolla DX was so popular that it was released in many variants like sedan, liftback coupe, station wagon and van models.

However, the retro sedan variant is the best selling of all the variants. Its retro shape is a target for modification enthusiasts. The Corolla DX is very suitable for conversion in different styles, such as the support look style or the ultra-flat classic stance style.

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Who doesn’t love seeing this classic BMW car? Known as the conglomerate’s son vehicle, the BMW E30 was popular in Indonesia in the 1980s. Moreover, the BMW E30 has become an icon of youth cars ever since it was driven by Mas Boy in the boy movie.

Produced in 1982, the 7th generation of the BMW 3 Series still exists today. With a 1,500 cc 4 cylinder engine, this cool old car is popular among competitors. Moreover, this classic Redan sedan is also produced in different variations, such as a two-door sedan, up to coupe and convertible models. Since its first release, sales of the classic BMW E30 have exceeded two million units.

The following is These 5 Cool Old Cars Are Still Popular with Young People

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