The best electric cars in the world

The best electric cars in the world

The best electric cars in the world – Of course, governments around the world have been implementing energy saving programs for a long time, especially for materials that cannot be depleted and reused, one of which is fuel oil, which is used mostly in different types of engines. Vehicles, one of them is a car. For this reason, manufacturers are competing to create something new in electric cars.
In this way and if it is implemented correctly, it is possible to reduce the use of oil in the world, because one of the biggest consumers of oil is registered as a car. Although the technology used is increasing over time, in terms of prioritizing performance and fuel consumption, many say it is more efficient. But if a vehicle in the form of a car still uses oil as the main ingredient for filling, the feeling is the same.
But if manufacturers create electric cars, they can not only save the world’s fuel reserves, but also keep the environment clean without any fumes coming out of the vehicle. What is most surprising is that many countries around the world have introduced and marketed it for use in public transportation.

Some brands include Mitsubishi, a brand that is definitely familiar to our ears. Mitsubishi has succeeded in creating the world’s best electric car named i-MIEV, a car with a modern style that provides more comfort to its users. In addition to these brands and cars, there are plenty of electric car brands that you can check out. List of the best electric cars in the world Below.

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List of the best electric cars in the world

1. Chevrolet Volt

This Uncle Sam country car manufacturer is known as an expert in the field of automotive innovation, especially cars, and has succeeded in creating the world’s best electric car, which is called the Chevrolet Volt. In fact, this car does not use full electric power, because Chevrolet itself uses a hybrid concept in the car.
Since 2010, this car has been officially introduced to the public, its attractive design and beautiful appearance tempts everyone who sees it. But who would have thought that this electric car is powered by a 24 kilowatt lithium ion battery that can travel a maximum of 117 kilometers and will automatically take over when the power demand is reduced. Petrol engine.

It helps to turn on and recharge the electric generator until the required power capacity is sufficient. Apart from this, the petrol engine that is carried provides the driving power for this vehicle, so the required power is sufficient for traveling long distances. And because of this combination, the Chevrolet Volt is priced at 33,395 pounds or Rp. 660 million has been named as one of the best electric cars in the world.

2. Renault Fluence Z.E

Returning to the sports sedan design which is now carried by an electric car called the Renault Fluence Z.E. It has been paving the streets for a long time. It is recorded that the car, which was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, and only went on sale to the public in 2010 via an internet site, managed to get many consumers who ordered it to be used as a daily driver.

Its appearance is no less attractive than its competitors, Renault Fluence Z. car drivers to love the environment more with their electric cars.

Then to supply power, he used a battery with a capacity of 22 kwh lithium ion which was capable of covering a distance of up to 160 km in a test at NEDC.

3. Fisker Karma

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Not only is it known for its smartphone brands, Finland also has some unlikely manufacturers, such as Fisker Automotive and Valmet Automotive, who have been able to create high-tech innovations for their electric cars. In terms of the exterior design of the car made under the name of Fisker Karma, it looks more luxurious, because it is presented in the form of a sports sedan.
Carried not only from the outside but also from the inside, the interior and kitchen runway sector uses a plug-in hybrid console that combines two fuel elements, electricity and fuel oil. It is not much different from the method adopted by the Chevrolet Volt, which allows it to be classified as one of the best electric cars in the world.

It is known to be powered by a 20.1kWh lithium ion battery, which is said to be capable of covering 51km at an impressive speed. However, due to the performance and design it brings, the Fisker Karma is priced very expensive, how could it not be? The developer released it at a price of 80,000 pounds, which in today’s rupiah is about 1.5 billion birr.

4. Ford Focus Electric

Up to the fourth row is still filled with an electric car from Uncle Sam’s country car manufacturer, the Ford Focus Electric. A few weeks ago It is known that in early 2016, this car brand was announced to leave its home country (Indonesia) because of what happened in it. In fact, this brand is always known for the highest quality in its class.
As for electric cars, it can make them under the name of Ford Focus Electric. The most surprising thing is that because of the technology used in the year In 2011, he won the “Green Vision Car Award”, so it is only fitting that he has achieved this event, that we include him in the best electric list. Cars in the world. All technologies.
The world’s best electric car to pave the roads is equipped with a 23kW lithium ion battery, and it is said that the car made by Ford during real tests can cover a distance. It has a range of up to 122 km, which keeps the cost of owning in. You need to have a budget of at least $32,495 for the electric car launched by Ford in December 2011, and if we translate that into rupees. The price is 442 million birr.

5. Nissan LEAF

It’s not from America anymore, but this time the best electric car in the world comes from the original Japan, Nissan with its brand Nissan LEAF. Talking about design, electric cars made by Nissan will be city car models with unique design but without sacrificing functionality. It is as comfortable as a car that uses only petrol.
No half-heartedness, that’s why we include it in our list of the best electric cars in the world. Since the creation of the Nissan LEAF in 2010, It won the Green Car Vision Award in 2010, then European Car of the Year in 2011, Car of the Year Japan in 2011-2012 and finally World Car of the Year in 2011. Many awards: What has this small car from Japan achieved?

Moving on to performance, the Nissan LEAF is powered by an 80kWh lithium ion battery and manages to achieve the world’s best electric car range of 117km from a single charge. Then regarding the price, you can get 28,500 dollars or 388 million rubles. Emptying your pocket is not bad. But make no mistake, by using this car, you will indirectly make the air around you cleaner and cleaner.

6. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

We have already told about it above. Mitsubishi has the best electric car in the world. The design is very simple, giving priority to aerodynamics and ease of use, the Mitsubishi i-MIEV, which was sold for the first time in mid-2009, received a positive response from the public in different parts of the world. Until it had another name, the Peugeot iOn, sold in France.
Meanwhile, another MiEv (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) name for products sold in Europe is the C-Zero. The battery power used is very small, probably due to its small body shape, it was only given a 16 kilowatt lithium ion battery and after conducting a series of tests, it was able to record a distance of up to 100 kilometers.
Next, when it comes to price, you should be willing to spend around $21,675 to get this electric minivan, which translates into 295 million Birr in today’s rupees. Do you want to have it?

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