5 Star Players Whose Careers Plummeted After Changing Clubs

5 Star Players Whose Careers Plummeted After Changing Clubs

5 Star Players Whose Careers Plummeted After Changing Clubs

http://ebenmella.com – Changing clubs is a common thing in a footballer’s journey. However, if the calculation is wrong, the player can withdraw from what was actually obtained.

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Changing teams doesn’t always end in success. There are several players whose careers have faded since they chose to leave.

The following are five star players whose lives have been cut short since changing clubs.

Paul Pogba (Juventus to Manchester United, 2016)

When Paul Pogba was a Juventus player, he was known as one of the best midfielders in the world. However, his decision to return to Manchester United cut the player’s life short.

The player was then tempted by his request to return to Manchester United. He moved to the Red Devils in the summer of 2016 for €105 million.

Pogba’s six years at Manchester United went downhill. Inadequate performance, injuries and disagreements with coaches are some of the reasons behind Pogba’s downfall.

At his peak, Manchester United had their heart set on releasing one of the most expensive players in history last summer. Pogba has also returned to Juventus.

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Ricardo Kaka (AC Milan to Real Madrid, 2009)

AC Milan was the club that brought Ricardo Kaka to Europe. However, in the midst of a brilliant career, Kaká made a mistake by moving to Real Madrid. Because rather than continuing to rise, Kaka is declining.

Kaka is known as one of the most modern attacking midfielders to emerge in the early 2000s. With Milan, the Brazilian player was not the only one who was diligent It helpsBut also find goals.

Kaka then accepted an offer to move to Madrid. Kaka became part of the Los Galaticos project in 2009.

However, Kaka has struggled to adapt to Madrid’s style of play. Kaka scored only 29 goals and 39 goals in 120 games. It helps.

Kaka prices continue to decline. Finally, the player returned to Milan in 2013 and continued his career in Orlando and Sao Paulo.

Fernando Torres (Liverpool to Chelsea, 2011)

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If there were Liverpool fans praying for Fernando Torres to fail at Chelsea, it really happened. Torres’ performances at Liverpool and Chelsea are 180 degrees different.

With a dowry of €58.5 million, Chelsea are hoping to get a better version of Torres from Liverpool. However, in the end there is still hope.

Torres has scored just 45 goals in 172 appearances. In fact, during his time at Liverpool, Torres scored 81 goals in 142 games.

There are a number of factors that could make Torres difficult at Chelsea. Too many expectations and disadvantages are two.

Romelu Lukaku (from Inter to Chelsea, 2021)

Romelu Lukaku has found fresh air in his life after his move from Manchester United to Inter Milan. Unfortunately, Lukaku chose the wrong path in his move to Chelsea.

With Antonio Conte, Lukaku has regained his sharpness. He led Inter and won the Scudetto.

However, Lukaku was tempted by a big request from Chelsea. He is heading to London in the summer of 2021 for a fee of €113 million.

Then the Belgian striker regretted what he got. Lukaku began to drop out of the first team as he struggled to score goals.

Things got even more heated after Lukaku cornered Chelsea in an interview. As of now, Lukaku is still a Chelsea player on loan at AS Roma. However, most of the English media believe that Chelsea want to make a move for Lukaku.

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Eden Hazard (Chelsea to Real Madrid, 2019)

Real Madrid have selected Eden Hazard in their quest to find a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. El Real has no problem even if they have to spend up to 115 million euros.

However, Hazard was unable to restore Madrid’s confidence. The Belgian played just 76 times in his four years at the Santiago Bernabeu with seven goals and 12 assists. It helps.

Apart from injury, being overweight is also the reason why Hazard failed to shine. Now the player has decided to hang up his shoes at the relatively young age of 32.

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