How to Install a Car Central Lock, Complete with Prices

How to Install a Car Central Lock, Complete with Prices

How to Install a Car Central Lock, Complete with Prices – Even if a car is left behind, it is always guaranteed to be safe. One can do it by knowing how to install it Central locking A car to keep your vehicle safe. Central locking It is a system used to automatically and electrically lock the car itself. Central locking Not only can you use the power button, but you can also use the on/off switch.

Nowadays, many car manufacturers are releasing the latest cars and they are equipped. Central locking. However, there are still many types of cars that do not have this feature Central lockingEspecially on old cars. If you have an old car Central locking, maybe they are installed themselves and not the central locking provided by the car manufacturer. If you want to install Central lockingYou can use Central locking Universal.

Of course, there are many different types available today Central locking Universal is sold in online stores or repair shops. When you buy online, you usually plan to install it yourself at home. It is good, do not be careless and you need to learn how to install Central locking Car carefully

For those who are not used to installing auto parts yourself, this is really difficult. This also applies to installation methods Central locking This is not easy. You have to be careful and alert to avoid short circuit and car alarm to work better. Then, how to install it Central locking right? See the following explanation below.

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How does a car central locking work?

list, Central locking door It is prepared above Actuator, Mainboard, Module, Siren, LED, and remote. Main board It is the brain that sends signals to other organs. example, Door switches It sends a signal Main board, Main board It also receives the signal and transmits it to the central organs Lock door.

in Main boardThere are also current and battery cables, mass cables, cables Boot key And brake switch, cable memory LEDs, Two strings tail lights, One siren cable, two cables control module, and two strings mover. Next, another important thing inside Central locking door is it. mover. This component is the mechanism for pulling/pushing the door lock lever. Drivers This is controlled by module. Modules It works as the main component that provides electricity for electricity mover.

Car central locking circuit

In general, each Central locking It is divided into three series. These are the three. door lock actuator, door lock mechanism, And Door lock control unit. The following is a more complete explanation.

Door lock actuator

Body Central locking This is used to move Lock connector associated with Door lock. Door lock actuator Found on the switch on the driver’s door.

Door lock mechanism

Body Central locking It works as a manual driver for the locking mechanism.

Door lock control unit

Door lock control unit It acts as a regulator of the current path used for movement Door lock actuator. This component consists of three relays controlled by different electronic circuits.

Symptoms of car central locking problems

Often, problems arise due to improper handling of the central lock. You can start by turning off the electric lock feature. Typically, a bad or failing power door lock actuator produces a number of symptoms that can alert the driver to a problem requiring service.

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1. Strange sounds coming from the door

Unusual sounds coming from the door is one of the first signs of possible problems with the electric door lock (central lock) actuator. Most electric door locks are operated using gears or motors that rotate slowly or make noise when operating. The voices are familiar.

However, if the sound is suddenly loud or clear, this may be an indication that the gears or the engine are wearing. The voices can become louder until the scream eventually succeeds.

2. The electric door lock operates incorrectly (not smoothly).

Another sign of a possible problem with the power door lock actuator is a misbehaving door lock. If the actuators have any internal or wiring problems, it can cause them to lock and unlock unexpectedly quickly, or cause them to run continuously.

3. Electric door lock (central lock) does not work

Another sign of a possible problem with the door lock actuator is a malfunctioning power door lock. If the door lock actuators fail, they will disable the power door lock feature. This forces the driver to use a key to lock or unlock the doors, and completely disables electric door locks for vehicles that do not use traditional locks, such as new luxury cars.

A power door lock actuator is a simple part, but it is very important to operate a power door lock – one of the most used features on any vehicle. For this reason, if you suspect that one or more of your power door lock actuators are experiencing problems, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized repair shop to determine whether or not you need a replacement door lock actuator.

4. Intermittent door lock function

One of the first signs of a possible problem with a power door lock is a door lock that works only slightly or only occasionally. If the electrical contacts in the switch are worn, they cannot properly supply power to the door lock actuator and may cause it to operate intermittently or disconnect. Worn electrical contacts cause the switch to lock and unlock quickly, all of which distracts the driver.

5. The door lock key or rocker is damaged

Another sign of a power door lock key problem is a damaged button or rocker. Most door switches are made of plastic, which is prone to damage and cracking with repeated use.

6. The door lock does not work

Another more direct symptom of a problem with the power door lock switch is that the door lock does not work when the switch is pressed. If the switch fails completely, it cannot provide power to the door lock actuator, resulting in the door lock not working.
Car central locking price

If you start to notice your vehicle as described above, take it to a repair shop and use the service of the repair shop technician. If you install, you will be paid Central locking In the workshop. But there is no need to worry, because of the installation costs Central locking It is not expensive.

For information, the average cost of installation Central locking Cars start from IDR 300 thousand to IDR 600 thousand. The price varies according to the type of car and the number of doors installed Central locking. The process does not take much time. Installation Central locking The workshop will take only 2-3 hours.

Service price Central locking Car

Apart from replacement Central locking With a new one, you can take the car to a repair shop for service in case of problems or damage. The type of auto service that is usually offered at a repair shop also includes repairing car door locks. As an example, service costs or price ranges are below. Central locking Car in the workshop.

Type of service

Service Central locking
100-200 thousand rupees

Replacement Central locking
IDR 500 thousand

System improvements Central locking Broken or worn
150-250 thousand rupees

Reset damaged electrical wires
150-300 thousand rupees

Repair of alarm module for door lock
150-200 thousand rupees

Replacing a set of alarm modules and Central locking
400-600 rupees

Therefore, it can be concluded that the cost range Central locking service Starting from IDR 100 thousand to IDR 600 thousand.

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