Functions and How to Install Car Cutting Stickers

Functions and How to Install Car Cutting Stickers

Functions and How to Install Car Cutting Stickers – Cutting car stickers are the accessories that you can give to your car to make it look more attractive and attract more eyes while driving your car. However, many people are not aware of the other functions of cutting car stickers apart from making the car attractive. One of the functions of using a car trim sticker is to cover the scratches on the car with the sticker. There are other activities that you can get from cutting car stickers and you can find them below. Also, if you are interested in applying car trim stickers, read the types of car trim sticker materials that Qala offers to increase your knowledge.

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Car sticker cutting function

Cutting car stickers has several functions that help you take care of your car. Among the activities in question are the following.

Covers scratches on the surface of the car

Scratches and scratches on the car will disturb the appearance of the car. You can remove it by filtering or coloring it. However, you should consider it better, because painting is expensive, so it is better to install stickers instead of painting. Not only scratches, but also your car will be cold.

Provide car ID

Everyone is definitely interested in beautifying their car and if you are one of them, you can cut stickers with a design that matches the personality of your car. Your car is easily recognized by people.

As a car paint protector

Many private car owners deliberately put stickers in the same color as the car for the first few years, so the car’s color is protected from mold, stains that are difficult to remove and small scratches that can worsen if left untreated. Not only this, but applying stickers on the entire body of the car gives the vehicle double protection.

As a requirement to drive

The sticker in question is a reflective sticker that you attach to the car window. This should be installed so that the light does not shine into the car which could startle the driver. The use of this sticker is also regulated by the Director General of Land Transport. SK 5311 / AJ.410/DRJD/2018 is therefore mandatory for cars with a load of more than 7500 kg.

Types of car sticker cutting tools

As we said above, we provide a list of car sticker cutting materials that you can find on the market. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of car sticker trim material to help you decide which material is right for you to use on your car.

I don’t know which material to choose, but you have to make sure that the car sticker you choose will not strip the color of the car when you remove the car, because this will definitely make your car look ugly and you will have to spend a lot of money. Money to pay for repairs. Here are the car sticker cutting materials you need to know.

1. Cutting vinyl car stickers

This material is widely available in the market and is preferred by many car owners. There are different properties that this material has, you can choose matte, glossy or matte properties. Vinyl material is often used for outdoor stickers such as on billboards or stickers on motorbikes and cars.

This material is said to be more flexible and have good strength as it does not break easily. In addition, you can choose more colors from this material at a reasonable price than other materials. This material is often the reason why stickers are provided in places where they are made.

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2. Cutting car stickers made from Oracle

In fact, in general, the way to apply car trim stickers to different types of cars is not very different, but the size of the car should be adjusted according to the size of the car. Also, make sure you choose a material that is suitable for the color of the car you are using so that the paint does not peel off.

If you don’t want to give up on giving your car the best, you can try this trim sticker thing. This product comes from Germany and is of high quality, because the texture is flexible and does not reflect light. This material does not reflect light, so even if it is exposed to sunlight, the appearance of the sticker will not change. This also makes your car the center of attention and if you want a stunning car and you want a car that is not affected by glare then you can choose this material.

3. Cutting car stickers made of chocolate

If you want to cut stickers that can reflect light, you can use this material. Scotlite material is a material widely available in many places that make car trim stickers. This material is best suited for use in cars with a thin texture and can reflect less light, giving the car a brighter feel. You have to be careful when installing car stickers with this material because these stickers peel off easily when you remove one part of the sticker and move it to another place.

4. Cutting car stickers made of chemicals

The sticker material of this cutter comes from France and has very suitable properties for cutting stickers on cars. The characteristics of this material are that the cut results will be cleaner, but it will be easy to cut and strong, but because the texture is thin, it looks very good on the car. This cutting adhesive material has a non-removable adhesive and this material is widely sold in the market. You can find this type of adhesive cutting material in the form of top flux, chemica hotmark polyflex or PU and PVC or chemica firstmark.

5. Cutting out shiny car stickers

This material is a material that can reflect and reflect in different light conditions. Not only when exposed to direct sunlight, but this trim sticker material can glow naturally, making the car look more attractive and beautiful. This material is the right material to choose if you want to be the center of attention.

If you want to use this trim sticker material, you should check that the material sold at the store of your choice has a history of damaging the car’s paint when the sticker is removed. Because there are many materials that pull the paint of the car until it is damaged when removed. You can also tell by smell whether or not the cut of the glitter sticker emits a pungent smell.

6. Cutting out car stickers made of Retrama

This material is cheap and widely available everywhere. You can get more color choices from cutting stickers with this material, but the quality is lower than cutting more expensive stickers. This material is said to fade easily and the adhesive glue does not last long so it comes off easily.

7. Cutting car stickers made of carbon kevlar

This last material is often chosen for automotive cars and motorcycles. This cutting sticker has a texture and thickness, and not all places can apply cutting stickers with this material because it requires special equipment to install it, but of course the result will not be a joke. The advantage of using this material is that it is cheap and can be easily replaced if it is boring. You can choose to cut the stickers from better materials to make them last longer and look good for your car.

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