Latest Terios Car Prices

Latest Terios Car Prices

Latest Terios Car Prices

ebanmella – Still don’t have information on Terios car prices? Car prices can change from year to year so don’t rely on prices in one year, especially if many years have passed.

Why not continue reading this Qoala article to make your search fruitful? In addition to new Terios car prices and used Terios car prices, you can improve your knowledge about Daihatsu Terios specifications and types.

A look at the Terios car

The Terios is a sports utility vehicle or SUV that is the result of a collaboration between Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Daihatsu. In Indonesia, this SUV was first launched at the end of 2006, in December. Obviously, the name of this car means making dreams come true. For this reason, Daihatsu has developed this four-wheel drive vehicle to be the segment leader.

Since the existence of the Terios coincides with the end of the Daihatsu Taruna era, it is not surprising that this car is the continuation of the Taruna in the Daihatsu model line in Indonesia.

Daihatsu Terios was introduced to the European market before entering Indonesia. However, sales of Daihatsu products in this continent have been less than encouraging, especially when the yen strengthened against the US dollar and the euro. As sales figures continued to decline, Daihatsu finally decided to leave the European market from 2013.

The birth of Daihatsu Terios seems to be the answer for automotive lovers who want to own a powerful vehicle. The reason is, this car can be the right choice of vehicle to support daily activities, especially if it can transport many passengers. In addition, Terios is considered to be resistant to various road conditions. Although it comes with an impressive look, Terios comes at a reasonable price.

Therefore, it is very suitable to meet the needs of the Indonesian market, which requires an affordable SUV. Terios is widely used in the country and competes with Xenia and Avanza, which are said to be the cars of one million people.

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Types of Terios cars

If you ask, how much does a Terios car currently cost in the market? The price of the course varies according to the type and year of the car. Therefore, you cannot sum up the price of each Terios car variant.

Types and variants of Daihatsu Terios are X MT STD, X MT DLX, X AT DLX, R MT STD, R AT STD, R MT DLX and R AT DLX. The R model is the highest model in Terios, so it is quite natural that the price is higher than other models.

With Type R, there are many alternate choices so you can adjust it to your needs. For most people, the R MT DLX variant is an ideal choice in terms of looks, features and driving comfort. However, the price of this Terios car variant is very affordable so it can reach different groups.

Latest Terios car price list

Everyone definitely has a dream car. Regardless of your reason for buying the latest car, make sure you know the exact price range for the latest Terios car this year and next year. That way, you can make sure you have enough money to bring home a Daihatsu-built four-wheeler.

One thing you should not forget is that the price can still be an estimate. In fact, these prices are not perfect and work in the entire region. This means that the price of a new Terios car may vary from one city to another.

The 2021-2022 Daihatsu Terios comes in seven variants with estimated prices ranging from IDR 214.45 million to IDR 267.15 million. So, the price of this car is in the 200 million car category. You can check the prices with the nearest authority and trusted car dealer in your city.

The following is the price range for the 2022 Terios car, from entry-level to high-end.

  • The price of Daihatsu Terios XM/T is IDR 214.45 million.
  • The price of Daihatsu Terios XM/T Deluxe is IDR 224.45 million
  • The price of Daihatsu Terios XA/T Deluxe is IDR 234.45 million
  • The price of Daihatsu Terios RM/T is IDR 247.15 million.
  • The price of Daihatsu Terios RM/T Deluxe is IDR 257.15 million
  • The price of Daihatsu Terios RA/T is IDR 257.15 million.
  • The price of Daihatsu Terios RA/T Deluxe is IDR 267.15 million.

Used Terios car prices

Since the price of a new Terios car in 2022 will not match your budget, if you cannot buy a new unit at this time, the alternative is to buy a used unit. Despite being used, many vehicles still need to appreciate for one reason or another, especially the performance of the car at a high price.

In fact, the decision to buy a used car is not always due to a lack of money to buy a new car. Nowadays, there are many options for buying a car with credit or part. However, some people still prefer to buy used cars with cash rather than a loan.

This of course depends on the preferences and needs of each individual, which cannot be the same. Basically, there are various reasons why used cars are a person’s choice when it comes to buying a car, even though they can afford to buy a new part.

If this is your first time dealing with buying and selling used cars, you will definitely want to find the best used Terios car prices in your area, including the best places to buy used cars.

Do you want to find a used car worth 100 million and less than 100 million? For some people, the most important thing about a car is its function. Therefore, despite the latest features and technology, luxury cars are not much in demand. Focusing on used cars including Daihatsu Terios, here are the estimated prices of used Terios this year.

  • Terios X DLX 1.5 2021 starts from IDR 235 million
  • Terios X 1.5 2020 starts from IDR 219 million
  • Terios X 1.5 2019 starts from IDR 198 million
  • Terios X Extra 1.5 2017 starts from IDR 159 million
  • Terios R 1.5 2017 starts from IDR 277 million
  • Terios R 1.5 2019 starts from IDR 220 million
  • Terios R 1.5 2016 starts from 152 million
  • Terios R DLX 1.5 starts from IDR 214 million
  • Terios R 1.5 starts from IDR 209 million
  • Terios TS A/T 2014 starts from IDR 110 million
  • Terios TX A/T 2012 starts from IDR 95 million
  • Terios TS A/T 2011 starts from IDR 80 million

Terios car details

Apart from the price of a Terios car, there are other factors that most people consider or pay attention to before buying a new or used car. This is very important because the parameters of the car affect the satisfaction and comfort of driving the car.

Have you received information about Daihatsu Terios price in 2022? Then what about the specification of your dream car? For those looking at this Daihatsu product, here are the Terios specifications you need to know.

Terios car performance

What is the performance of the four wheeler you want to buy? Buying a car is not an easy decision. Apart from the fact that the 2022 Terios car has a lot of things to look for in Jakarta or other areas wise, the car’s performance will not go unnoticed.

If we talk about the car’s engine performance, the all new Terios uses a 2NR-VE DOHC Dual VVTi engine. The cc of the car is 1,496 cc. This car can produce up to 103 HP with 136 Nm of torque.

Compared to its predecessors, the latest variant of the Terios has underperformed. The predecessor of this car came with an engine with 109 HP of power and 145 Nm of torque. However, this car is said to be more efficient by around 10 to 15 percent.

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Terios car exterior view

What kind of car exterior do you look for when choosing a car? Terios looks more airy as it comes with a new body design. There is also a mechanism to open and close the trunk.

With a touch of chrome grille and fog lights, this car looks more stylish. LED headlight and LED position light provide better light.

There are two options that can be adjusted to the needs and preferences of the buyer or the owner of the car. For the X variant, it comes with 16-inch gunmetal, while for the R variant it comes with 17-inch black polished.
Terios car interior view

If you choose the Terios 202o or the latest version, you can enjoy a spacious cabin. In this way, comfort increases when you are in the car. The interior design is more modern than the previous generation.

There is a feature that you can use to set up a digital auto AC that uses a 12V USB input power socket and a 3.5mm audio jack. Apart from this, the 2 DIN touchscreen head unit also comes with USB port, Bluetooth and mirroring feature on the center console.

Meanwhile, on the steering wheel, there are Bluetooth phone and audio controls. In terms of seating, this car is not much different from other cars in the 2 3 2 configuration, meaning it can carry 7 passengers in a single trip. The seat material uses thick foam fabric. For drivers and passengers to feel comfortable while traveling to their destination.

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