Get to know Campervans, perfect for holidays!

Get to know Campervans, perfect for holidays!

Get to know Campervans, perfect for holidays! – Like adventure but lazy when it comes to searching for a hotel to stay at? Looks like you need some campervan advice to support your adventurous hobby. By using a campervan, the trip will be more fun because in addition to working as a means of transportation, the campervan can also work as a home.

The campervan trend is currently popular with many people. This car is considered to be able to meet the needs of a safe, comfortable and quiet holiday. With this car, you can explore different places without worrying about where you park, as the car has various facilities including a bed.

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What is a campervan?

A campervan or caravan is a vehicle that has been modified to support a variety of tourist activities and travel from one place to another with ease.

A campervan can be used not only as a transport, but also as a home. This vehicle is equipped with various facilities like bed, mini kitchen and bathroom. This type of car is very suitable for people who like to travel with their family.

Advantages of campervans

Before you continue exploring  campervan prices, first know some of the advantages of this vehicle as follows:

1. Discover beautiful places while traveling

One of the benefits of traveling using a campervan is discovering beautiful places during the trip. This vehicle is fully equipped so you are free to camp anywhere.

2. More private and less crowded

Traveling using a campervan can provide a comfortable and relaxed feeling. You don’t need to go to public places with many people but you can travel wherever you want. In the current pandemic situation, choosing to travel by campervan is also safer.

3. No need to worry about luggage

By using a campervan, you don’t have to worry and worry about luggage while traveling. Generally, campervans are spacious enough to store a lot of items and essentials needed during the trip.

4. New and exciting feeling and atmosphere

Traveling using a campervan can provide a new atmosphere and feeling that is fun and exciting. Apart from enjoying a comfortable journey with various complete facilities, you can also explore various new places during the trip.
Recommendations for vehicles suitable for use as campervans

Although there are many places to rent a caravan these days, if you build your own campervan you can tailor it to your needs. In this way, the trip will be more memorable and enjoyable because you will use the right vehicle.

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Here are some tips for the perfect cars to convert into used campers

1. Toyota Hiace

The first recommended car suitable as a campervan is the Toyota Hiace. This car has a wide and long body and can accommodate many people. The Toyota Hiace also has a spacious cabin, making it easy to convert into a camper.

Toyota Hiace price for modern versions above 2010 is around IDR 250 – 350 million. Meanwhile, for the 1980s version, the price of this used campervan is around $20 million. Although it is very expensive, this 200 million car is very suitable as a caravan because it has a spacious cabin.

2. Daihatsu Gran Max

The Daihatsu Gran Max is also a popular campervan convertible. This car has a sliding door in the middle which makes it easy to get in and out.

The Daihatsu Gran Max has a very spacious cabin, making it ideal as a campervan. Even without modifications, this car can be used as a campervan for beginners who want to camp in the air.

3. Hyundai H1

Another recommendation used by Indonesian campervans is the Hyundai H1. This large MPV-style vehicle has a spacious cabin and is well-equipped to convert into a camper.

If you need more room, you can change the top of the vehicle by adding a tent. Used Hyundai cars prices start from IDR 120 million for the 2011 version and IDR 200 million for the 2014 version.

4. Nissan Evalia

Nissan Evalia can be one of the best recommendations for a suitable car for a campervan. This car has two sliding doors which makes it convenient to use as a caravan.

The price of used Nissan Evalia in the market is 60 million dollars for the 2012 edition.

5. Suzuki APV

Used Suzuki APVs are often used as material for campervans. This car has a spacious enough cabin so it is perfect for converting into a campervan with full facilities including a bed.

Apart from having a large body, the Suzuki APV is proven to perform well. Regarding the price, a new Suzuki APV car will be sold between 150-250 million birr. Meanwhile, the price of a used Suzuki APV Campervan is around IDR 60 million.

6. Kia Carnival

For those who want to build a campervan with complete features, Kia Carnival can be the best recommendation. This car has a sunroof, sliding doors and a spacious enough cabin.

Currently, the number of Kia Carnival cars is not enough. However, you can find this type of used car for around IDR 30 million. However, cars with less than 100 million used are old cars and need maintenance and adjustments to keep them performing well.

7. Daihatsu Luxio

The Daihatsu Luxio is also suitable for use as a campervan because it has a fairly large body. This car also has sliding doors and a very spacious cabin, making it ideal for use as a campervan with a family.

In addition to the dimensions, the Daihatsu Luxio has a known soft suspension, which makes it very suitable for this type of campervan. As for price, used cars of this type sell for around IDR 90 – IDR 125 million.

8. Isuzu Elf

The Isuzu Elf is also popular for use as a campervan. This type of car has a very large space, so the campervan is very suitable for those who want complete facilities, because various camping equipment can be included, from cases, sinks, tables, kitchen sets to sofas and toilets. Used Isuzu Elf car price is around 100 million birr.

9. Volkswagen or VW

Volkswagen or VW has long been widely used as a campervan. This car is long and wide, so it is very suitable as a campervan for traveling with the family. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of building it, there are many VW campervans available for rent for tourism these days.

There are two types of VW cars that are often used as campervans, the VW Combi and the VW Carvelelle. As for the price, used VW cars sell for different prices depending on the condition. However, in general, the price of a used VW is usually around IDR 100 million.

10. Ford Ranger 4×4

Another vehicle recommendation that is very suitable as an Indonesian campervan is the Ford Ranger 4×4. Since this car is designed as a caravan, the dimensions are specially made.

The Ford Ranger 4×4 has very wide cabin doors on the side. Even without modifications, you can use this vehicle as a campervan for traveling and exploring. With large sizes, you can add a mattress, sink, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, sofa, bathroom and various accessories that support traveling using this car.

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