Easy way to install car audio power to make driving comfortable

Easy way to install car audio power to make driving comfortable

Easy way to install car audio power to make driving comfortable

ebanmella – For those who often travel long distances, the comfort and safety of the car are the main factors and always receive special attention. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money to improve the interior of their car so that they can support the comfort while driving. One of these features is the sound system or car sound. Having a car soundtrack will in itself make the atmosphere in the car more lively and prevent sleepiness while driving. Even if there is built-in audio in the car, it won’t hurt to try some recommendations for the best car audio brands for good sound quality and comfortable listening. Check out the following ebanmella review to learn more about car audio and how to install car audio power.

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Car Audio Power View

Without having to replace the head unit, car audio power is needed when changing speakers or adding an aftermarket tweeter. Car audio components include:

1. Car tape/CD player

The first component of the car audio system is the car tape or CD player. As we all know, we usually find this component in shops that sell electronic devices. This component is the main component in your car’s audio power unit. When purchasing this component, you must purchase it from an official store that uses a warranty card.

2. Power amplifiers

The second component of car audio power is the power amplifier. There are many such products available in the market. You can choose and buy the one that suits your needs and wants.

But it’s a good idea if you buy one that has a display output device to connect to the screen, as well as a remote control that turns on the power amplifier when it’s turned on. The function of this component is to provide more power to enhance the performance of the car subwoofer and speaker system in your car.

3. Sound system speakers

The third component of a car’s audio power is the sound system’s speakers. If you want to buy and use this sound system speaker, you should choose a speaker that receives low frequencies to mid tones so that it will be pleasant to hear later.

This organ is used to process the sound signals and increase the sound level, which causes a lot of sound increase and then it is translated to the speaker or distributed to the speaker so that it can be heard again by the ear.

4. Horns

The fourth component of the car’s sound power is the horn. This component is an amplifier component that is designed to produce sound signals in the human frequency range. This component plays an important role in your car’s audio system. As a resource, it is a good idea to place this horn only on the dashboard.

5. Audio cables and jacks

The fifth component of car audio power is the audio cable and jack. There are many types of cables needed to complete your car’s audio components. The strings in question include:

  • Connecting the cable to the speaker
  • Input signal cable for the device

The RCA jack is used to connect the stereo player and power amplifier responsible for mixing and matching cables and accessories to support the car’s audio system.

6. Display screen

The sixth component of car audio power is the display screen. This component is used to display the sound that is playing on the screen.

7. Capacitors

The seventh component of car audio power is the capacitor. When the car audio power unit is forced to input or output low tones or bass, it will definitely need more power, which will suck more power into your car. Please note, this part of the capacitor is responsible for controlling the power balance to avoid damage to the audio power unit.

Now that we know the audio power components or components in a car audio system, it’s time to figure out what types they are. Following are the types of car audio power and the sound quality they produce. In general, car sound energy is divided into several categories, namely classes A, AB, T and D. Here is the explanation:

Section A

Class A audio power produces the best and clearest sound. However, this type of audio amplifier requires more power but is considered less efficient. The reason is, it requires a lot of power when it works and eventually makes the engine overheat. One brand is Car Audio Power GM-D9500F 12V 4500W Car Audio Stereo Power Amplifier 4 Channels with a price of IDR 2 million.

Class AB

Then there’s the AB type car audio power. This type is one of the most commonly used. According to many sources, class AB audio power produces good power with moderate efficiency when used in subwoofers. However, this type of sound energy often experiences heat. One of the class AB car audio powerhouses is the Zapco ST-4X DSP, which is perfect for those looking for high-end audio enhancements. This speaker has a power rating of 4 x 65W RMS and is equipped with a 6C digital signal processor. The Zapco brand from California also guarantees that the power will last for a long time as the power is of international standard quality. The price range of Power Zapco ST-4X DSP is around 4 million birr.

Section T

Another type of audio power used in cars is class T. In fact, this type of class T power is the predecessor of the class above, class D. But the development is still not perfect. Part T is an abbreviation of tripartite created to create a sound similar to part AB. One of the Class T power amps is Topping’s TP22 Class T mini amplifier designed on the IC Tripath chip TK2050. This chip uses high-level switching as an amplifier-type digital power processor. The price range starts from 1 million birr.

Section D

The last type is class D audio power, which is better known as audio power. The reason is that this power requires only a small amount of power, but produces a large sound effect. Section D is called for good sound reproduction for high (vocals) and low (bass) sounds. In general, audio power currently uses class D, because the quality is very good and efficient in terms of power and energy. One of the class D car audio amplifiers is the NAKAMICHI N1 Monoblock Power Amplifier. Priced at around IDR 4 million, this power amplifier is equipped with 1 Channel Class D Power Amplifier, 1 x 800W RMS, 1 x 1200W RMS, 1 x 1600W RMS and Signal to Noise Ratio > 80dB.

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Car audio power function

Maybe some of you are already familiar with the use of car audio power in the audio system. However, for some people who are new to the world of car tuning, you need to know what audio power or car amplifiers do.

In fact, car audio power has the main function of providing the electrical power needed by other audio devices to maintain audio quality. With Power Audio, the sound sounds loud and remains stable, making it comfortable for the ears. Here are some of the main functions of using car audio power or amplifiers:

1. Amplify the audio signal

In the field of sound, especially car sound, the sound power or amplifier in the car sound system works to strengthen the sound signal coming out of the head unit. The audio signal is output to the speaker. Therefore, the power of car audio is due to the reception and processing of sound signals so that the resulting sound has more and stronger power.

2. Creates better quality sound

Using car audio power provides better sound quality. for what This is because the power of the car audio creates more inputs and encourages the speaker performance to be much better. The sound of music playing in your vehicle will be clear even at high volume.

3. Improve the sound quality of the head unit

Want to know why car audio power produces better sound quality? This is because the energy released is greater. Generally, standard factory main units have a power of around 40-50 watts. But when using power audio, the power released by the head unit can be more. This will certainly improve the performance and sound quality of the audio system.

4. Maximize the performance of the subwoofer

A subwoofer is a type of bass speaker that produces a low sound output ie 10 to 200 Hz. A subwoofer captures low sounds while the resulting sound is softer. One function of car audio power is to maximize subwoofer performance. Using car audio power, the power provided is enough for the servo to produce solid unbroken bass sound.

5. Car speakers are the best.

Room speakers provide more power so that audio sounds are heard more clearly. Among the many loudspeaker standards used to measure power, the RMS power rating is used, usually a benchmark of 5-60 watts RMS peak power rating. The number of ranges is based on the speaker manufacturer’s product where the speaker produces the most power. Most conventional speakers are rated very conservatively and can draw more power than their rated power (150% more).

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