Which is more profitable for Forex trading or my business?

Which is more profitable for Forex trading or my business?

Which is more profitable for Forex trading or my business?

https://ebanmella.com – he said A question often asked by someone who wants to start Shopping On device, shares or Foreign currency (Forks). The question is, “Which one is more profitable compared to my current job?”

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In fact, it is very natural that this question arises in the minds of candidates Traders And it’s okay to ask. If something has no obvious effect, why not?

I think that kind of logic is shared by everyone, not just those who started it. Shopping or investment. However, there are also many people who are diagnosed and the results are unclear.

I will try to give an example to help you find the answer to this question. Because, I don’t even know what kind of business you’re in right now. As we know, the profit of each business is also different.

For example, the nominal profit of a kiosk owner will be different compared to a large store owner. Then the owner of the shop will certainly receive a different profit compared to the owner of the factory. Not to mention, it’s a business sector you’re talking about.

So, let’s say we now have a business of the same level and sector. Let’s assume that you currently own a bank.

Bank A had gross sales of IDR 36.45 trillion and net profit of IDR 6.83 trillion. Meanwhile, Bank B achieved gross sales of IDR 3.42 trillion with a net profit of USD 479.32 billion.

If you look at the total sales and net profit figures of the two banks in the example, which one is more profitable? The answer is Bank a.

But if we examine it deeply, it was found that Bank A’s capital is 191.62 trillion dollars. So we calculated that the difference between Bank A and Sales is only 19%.

Meanwhile, Bank B, which had gross sales of IDR 3.42 trillion, spent only IDR 12.14 trillion on capital. So the difference between sales and Bank B’s capital is 28%. Hence, Bank B performs better.

As the example above shows, it is difficult to compare the profits of businesses of the same size and sector. Different numbers should be compared to determine which business is more profitable.

Moreover, you compare Shopping with the current business. If you don’t dig deep into the numbers, it will be difficult. Simply put, I answer that I don’t know which is more profitable.

But, “Why should I try trading forex and futures?” If you ask, I’ll give you several answers to consider.

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1. There are no transaction fees

In order for your business to sell, you need to budget for marketing expenses, right? I can assure you, any business will be difficult without branding and advertising.

When you run a business, you need to find buyers for the products or services you offer. Even if your business is small, these efforts should be made. For example opening a kiosk.

moment Shopping Forex, you don’t need to search for buyers and sellers. This is what excited me when I discovered the Forex market. I don’t need to “beg” to buy my stuff.

Honestly, I’m the one who doesn’t like selling, let alone selling and resisting. I am sure there is not one person like me in this world.

The price of buying and selling foreign currency will definitely correspond to what is read on the computer or laptop monitor. You also don’t need to place ads to buy and sell forex.

2. No Roy, Only profit or loss

Is there any business that does not require 100 percent capital? No matter how small your business is, it definitely needs capital.

For example, a typical business like a clothing kiosk. To start the business, you need to buy or rent a kiosk, make a display case, buy a cash register, hire employees and many other expenses. Your initial capital can reach IDR 100 million.

If you make a profit of IDR 10 million in the first month, only a small part of your initial capital will be returned. You cannot say that the business has made a profit yet.

It is different if you open a forex account. You can invest IDR 100 million in capital and then buy and sell it correctly and earn IDR 10 million. That’s your advantage!

If you decide to close your forex account on that day, IDR 110 million will be returned to your account. Different from shopping in a store. When the shop is closed, you still have to think about it Above Sales contract or sale.

Then sell the display case until you use up the remaining inventory. In addition to the long period required, IDR 100 million capital is not fully refundable.

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3. Size capacity

What do you do if you get IDR 10 million in sales while doing business and want to double it? The answer is to increase sales efforts and possibly capital.

So, what if you have already earned IDR 10 million, and want to get an initial capital of IDR 100 million quickly? You should increase your sales tenfold.

How much additional effort and capital do you need? With more effort and more capital, your business can thrive. Raising? Not necessarily.

Raising Business takes time. It can be easy to make 100 percent profit from just IDR 1 million. But the problem is different from the business institutions whose initial capital is IDR 10 billion.

in Shopping forex, risk and reward When you decide, it follows immediately the amount of capital entered Raising.

These three points at least provide an overview of the potential and behavior of the forex market. However, again, the profit you get depends on the strategy implemented.


*Note: Trading CFDs effectively can bring you huge profits, but it can also cause you to lose money. Please consider the risks before investing.

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